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Nov 2017

Indonesian Developers at GSTAR 2017: An Effort to Penetrate South Korean Game Market

Indonesian government shows its support to the gaming industry through the Ministry of Trade by sending Indonesian game developers to exhibit their games in GSTAR 2017.

Fallen Legion Flames of Rebellion 3
Nov 2017

PlayStation 4 Version of Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion to Release in December

Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion will follow its “older brother”, Sins of an Empire, to PS4. Check the release date and other details here!

Warung Chain Touchten Featured, local game market
Nov 2017

(Video) How Touchten Finds Success in the Local Game Market

Want to know how to tap the local Indonesian and Southeast Asian market? Touchten will share their experience in this video.

Nov 2017

Attended by Over 24,000 People, GameStart 2017 and SEA Summit Set New Record!

Held on 13-15 October, GameStart 2017 and SEA Summit welcomed a record 24,000 local and overseas visitors, which is a 20% increase from last year.

IGRS Game Center
Nov 2017

Indonesian Game Rating System – Its Classification and Progress So Far

Indonesian Game Rating System (IGRS) will take effect in Indonesia soon. What are the classifications and how is it different from other game rating systems?

Ultra Space Battle Brawl
Nov 2017

This is How Toge Productions Brings Ultra Space Battle Brawl to Nintendo Switch

Ultra Space Battle Brawl could be the first Indonesian game released on Nintendo Switch. This is how they gained access to Nintendo Switch dev kit!

Nov 2017

Level Up KL 2017: How This B2B Conference Helps to Accelerate The Growth of Gaming Industry in SEA

With its main theme “Learn, Connect and Level Up,” how this event can accommodate the growth of gaming industry in the SEA?

Game Audio Tips
Nov 2017

5 Tips About Game Audio for Beginner Developers

Looking to groove up your game? From how to start tips to free audio sources, we ask an expert for some beginner game audio tips that you must not miss!

Nov 2017

Top 10 Games from SEA Game Awards 2017 That You Should Take a Look

Ranging from mobile, PC to console games, these are the Southeast Asian-made games that you should look at and play!

Top Game Media Indonesia Featured
Nov 2017

Top 15 Indonesian Game Media in November 2017

Starting your media oriented campaign for Indonesian market? Say no more, this monthly top game media in Indonesia list will help you to get started!