Akang Tahu Bulat, an Idle Clicker Game That Serves as Tahu Bulat’s Sequel!

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

In Akang Tahu Bulat from Own Games, you can follow the tahu bulat seller’s success story! Download it free now!

In Akang Tahu Bulat, you can follow the tahu bulat seller’s success story!

It’s no doubt, Tahu Bulat (also known as Round Tofu) is last year’s phenomenon in Indonesia. Since its’ release in last mid-year, this game has collected more than 5 million downloads and grabbed some notable achievements. This Tahu Bulat‘s success story is followed by Nasi Goreng Game that was released by the end of the year. The combination of food themed game had collected more than 8 million downloads in Google Play Store.

akang tahu bulat

At March 2017, Eldwin Viriya, CEO of Own Games gave us a slight teaser that Akang (the tahu bulat’s seller) will come again in their newest game. And in this April, Eldwin shows us what he promised. Akang is the “star” in Own Games’ new game titled Akang Tahu Bulat!

We can say that Akang Tahu Bulat is the “temporary” sequel of Tahu Bulat, while we’re waiting for the real sequel, Tahu Bulat 2. In this game, you will follow Akang Tahu Bulat’s career as a tahu bulat seller, started from when he was a child. Of course, the older the Akang Tahu Bulat becomes, the more cash you will get from selling tahu bulat!

akang tahu bulat

This game combined two game genres, idle/clicker gameplay which has been proven in Tahu Bulat and evolution gameplay. Akang will appear when you click the job application envelopes that appear once in a few seconds. You can combine two similar Akang, then they will “evolve” and becomes older with a different transportation as well, ranging from on foot until a luxurious car, a boat or even a plane!

You can summon certain types of Akang by using some coins to buy them. There are two ways to collect coins, you can either sell the tahu bulat by tapping on the Akang as fast as you can, or you can just simply wait for the coins.

akang tahu bulat

You can also do some upgrades within the game, one of which is by shortening the duration of job application letter’s appearance, so you can get the new Akang faster. The faster Akang appears, the faster you will get a new type of Akang that will give you more coins. There are some quests that you can complete to get additional cash.

This combination of idle/clicker and evolution genre is very interesting, because it can eliminate the boredom of standard clicker genre.

akang tahu bulat

This game has already been released for Android platform and you can get it free in Google Play Store with some in app purchase options. You can download it through the link below.

Akang Tahu Bulat Download: Android-Free




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