CHIPS: Monster Tap, More Than An Ordinary Clicker Game!

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

More than ordinary idle/clicker game by adding customization and robot building element!

CHIPS: Monster Tap is more than an ordinary idle/clicker game by adding customization and robot building element!

What’s on your mind, if I say idle/clicker game? Addictive gameplay might be one of your answers. However, there are a lot of idle/clicker games which have boring gameplay, since they just require you to tap on the screen rapidly and collect the coins as much as possible.

Now, a game developer from Jakarta named Dragon Capital Center/CIAYO has released an interesting idle/clicker game called CHIPS: Monster Tap. This game does not only require you to tap on the screen rapidly, but it also offers a customization gameplay and an interesting story. This game is also one of the finalist of Indonesia Games Contest 2017 from Google. So what’s this game about?

CHIPS: Monster Tap

CHIPS: Monster Tap have two core gameplay. First, there is a robot building gameplay, which requires you to tap on the screen to finish your robot quickly. Because idle/clicker is the genre, so the building progress will still continue, even when you stop tapping the screen. You can speed up the building progress (by tapping the screen or while idle) by upgrading some of your hangar’s part.

The second part of the gameplay is fighting the enemy. Like Tap Titans, you have to tap on the screen to make your robot attacks the incoming enemy. When the gauge is full, you can hold your finger on the screen to fire the weapon rapidly. It also works when you are building the robot, you can upgrade the weapon to increase its damage per second while it is on idle state, or damage per tap.

As you are making progress through the levels, you can buy some active skills that can eliminate the enemy with just one single tap!

CHIPS: Monster Tap

After the boss is defeated, you can choose one of three capsules with different rewards, ranging from gold coins to robot parts. With those parts, you can customize the arms, legs or even the whole robot! Of course, every robots have its own advantages which are different from one to another. In addition, you can also customize the CHIPS’ costume!

CHIPS: Monster Tap

The weakness of this game is that the enemy can’t attack you back, so sometimes the game feels “flat” and your success in every level is determined by your finger’s strength to tap on the screen rapidly. Aside from that, CHIPS: Monster Tap is offering the new nuance of idle/clicker genre by adding some customization elements and robot building.

Interested to play the game? You can download the game for free through the link below for Android and iOS.

Download CHIPS: Monster Tap




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