Many Problems Occur During Development, How is the Future of Pale Blue?

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

After more than two years rarely give updates, finally the development team confirmed the future of Pale Blue.

After more than two years rarely giving any updates, finally the development team confirmed the future of Pale Blue.

Developing a game is not just a matter of skill and resources. There are many things that we should pay attention to. One of them is project management. That is the lesson learned from Pale Blue project.

It’s been nearly three years passed by after Pale Blue‘s success in Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, during that time, Pale Blue hasn’t been released yet. At first, the development set the target to release the game in 2015, but the game got delayed a lot of times. Unfortunately, Tinker Games didn’t give any updates since then.

Pale Blue

Then, the bad news came. Similar to what happened in Winterflame: The Other Side, Pale Blue‘s development team has confirmed that the development’s process is full of mess. Finally, they have confirmed that they run out of development fund and can’t release the full version in the near future.

They confirmed the news via their update in Kickstarter page. The development team said that during the development progress, they experience many problems. One of the biggest problem is they don’t have a person who is highly dedicated to manage the team. No game designer, nor even a person who manage office expenses during the development progress.

Pale Blue

This problem makes the team works toward wrong direction. They do whatever they want, and in the end the progress is far from target. No one took the lead and gave direction that if the game can’t accomplish the target, the development progress will end forever.

And then, in July 2016 the development team said that they have none left of the development fund that they get from Kickstarter. They even can said that they lack of cash to finish the full version of the game. The problems did not only appear in Pale Blue‘s development team. In this statement, the development team said that there are some of their company’s division which are collapsing.

Pale Blue

However, that doesn’t make the development team hopeless. They continue the development, no matter whether they are paid or not. This has caused some problems, such as negative aura in the workspace that forced the members to work remotely and also some of the members who have planned to resign from the company.

With no money left for the development, Pale Blue‘s development team had finally made a decision. They will work intensively in three months ahead to continue this progress. By the end of three months time, they want to produce a playable prototype. This prototype will also become Pale Blue‘s core gameplay, if there is someone who wants to continue the development progress.

Here are some key quotes from the Pale Blue development team’s official statement.

Pale Blue

We didn’t have a dedicated game designer, a product manager, nobody to lead the timeline, minimal plan for the financing, and nobody to lock the game scope. We have all the freedom, but there is nobody to lead.

… There were already finance problems before, though (some of the team members were not paid in full wage, or not paid at all). Finally, around July 2016, it was decided that the Pale Blue team couldn’t be paid anymore, because there is no money left.

… The relationship between the company and the teams started to strain. On the company itself, various departments are collapsing. There were nobody to take care of social media, website, or even the human resources.

… The team and the company finally reached a decision with Pale Blue: we will now spent a three-month-intensive development on Pale Blue core gameplay. The team will be small, fully funded for three months, and there will be a dedicated Game Designer to make decisions.

Godspeed for the team. We hope in three months time ahead, they can be more productive and accomplish the target!




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