9 Games from Indonesia That Will Participate in Indie Prize Asia 2017!

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Theese 9 games will compete with developers from around the world in Singapore, 16-18 May 2017!

These 9 games will participate in Indie Prize Asia 2017 that will be hold in Singapore on 16 to 18 May 2017!

Every year, Indie Prize Asia which is held simultaneously with Casual Connect Asia is always enlivened with Indonesian game developers. They do not only showcasing their games and maintaining a good relationship with international game developers, but they often get achievements as well. For example, three years ago, Mintsphere and Toge Productions got achievements, and one year later Kidalang did the same.

indie prize asia 2017

Unfortunately last year, no developers got achievements. What about this year? Indonesian game developers still have a chance to get the achievement, since this year there will be 9 games participating in Indie Prize Asia 2017! These 9 games will compete with other dozens of games from around the world in this competition that will be held from 16 to 18 May 2017 in Singapore. Who are they?

Rage in Peace (Rolling Glory Jam/PC)

Rage in Peace is an action side-scrolling game which requires you to help Timmy avoiding incident by incident that can take his life tragically. The most interesting thing is, you never know what incident you will face next. So, your reflex is the key to success in this game.

And also, there is no game over in this game, because when Timmy died tragically, you will know what incident you will be facing after that. So you can stay alert and avoid that incident when Timmy get back to life again. You just need to jump, run, or stop to avoid these obstacles.

Legrand Legacy (Semisoft/PC)

Legrand Legacy is a classic RPG that was inspired from 90’s JRPG, such as The Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy and Suikoden. Legrand Legacy combines 3D and 2,5D graphic style, and uses a turn based battle system with quick time event element called ACT (Action Circle Tempo).

Legrand Legacy has some interesting feature, ranging from Magic System (that called Grimoire in this game), MMO-like leveling system, crafting to dungeon and city exploration.

Azure Saga: Pathfinder (Masshive Media/PC)

Azure Saga: Pathfinder combines western and eastern style RPG. This game is called so, because this isometric RPG combines superior elements from these two different styles of RPG. The world system, quest and the graphic itself was inspired by western style RPG. And the turn based battle system, skill system and customization were inspired by eastern style RPG.

The other features from Azure Saga is equipment system called Socket System. You can use this feature to inject one of 20 gems with different effect to your equipment, so you can fit your character with your playing style.

Zombo Buster Rising (Firebeast Studio/PC)

This game offers defense shooter gameplay. You must manage your strategy to face zombies that come from the right side. You must protect your base from the zombies, so they can’t penetrate your defense. There are 30 levels to play in this game.

If you are not satisfied with these 30 levels, you can play survival mode as well. In this mode, you must survive as long as you can while facing zombies that come sporadically. To battle with the zombies, you can use various weapons that you can upgrade to make it stronger.

SHE and the Light Bearer (Mojiken Studio/PC)

SHE and the Light Bearer is a visual novel with gorgeous art and enjoyable music. This visual novel tells a story about a firefly that must explores the forest and searches for a creature called Mother. The Firefly believes that the Mother can save them from the danger which threatening the earth nowadays.

Like another typical visual novel, the main focus of this game is its deep story and gorgeous graphic. This game is the continuation from She Who Once Was Lost that created by Brigitta Rena while on internal upgrading program called MojikenCamp two years ago.

Nonstop Show (Wisageni Studio/Android)

Nonstop Show is the global version of Ngamen Nonstop that was released at the end of 2016. In this game, you are a singer inside of a bus. Your job is to entertain the passengers with your song and dance, and also collect the money from them.

Like another idle/clicker game, you must tap on the screen rapidly to make the singer dance. You can tap the money that appears on the screen to multiply your revenue. You can upgrade the singer’s appearance and skill or bus route to multiply your revenue. You can also shake your phone to play this game!

Kitten Mita (Eggion/PC)

Kitten Mita combines life simulation and RPG, Greenlit in Steam couple of weeks ago. In Kitten Mita, you play as a kitten called Mita in its journey to understand the meaning of his mother’s love.

The development of Kitten Mitta itself was inspired by some classic RPG such as Digimon World, Persona and Atelier. The game also implements a unique turn based battle system. Every enemy that you faced and encountered will be different from one to another. This game also offers many quests that you can complete, and mini games to make it more engaging, such as fishing and mining.

Valthirian Arc: Red Covenant (Agate Studio/PC)

This game presents a combination between RPG and academy simulation that has been Valthirian Arc‘s characteristic since many years ago. This PC and Mac game is developed using Unity engine, and is ready to satisfy Valthirian Arc’s fans who have played this game since its web version.

One of the biggest Valthirian Arc: Red Covenant‘s feature is building school simulation that has been its characteristic since the web version. As a headmaster, you are given freedom by this game to build and develop the school according to your personal style.

Umbra: Amulet of Light (Niji Games/Android)

Niji Games from Yogyakarta wants to bring back this kind of block puzzle with yet another different nuance titled Umbra: Amulet of Light. In this game, you do not compile the blocks vertically. Instead, you have to compile the shadows, so it will fit the provided patterns.

You can slide the blocks in order to make the shadows meet the right patterns on the screen. You can also double tap it to rotate the block. It is pretty similar to what you can do while playing Tetris. The most interesting part is, the blocks can rotate in any ways, so you have to think harder to match the shadows with the patterns!

Congratulations to all of the participants! Hopefully this year some of this developer can get the achievements for Indonesia.




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