DreadEye, A Super Scary VR Horror from Digital Happiness

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

How scary is this DreadOut’s successor?

After DreadOut’s huge success, Digital Happiness is now preparing a horror VR called DreadEye. How scary is this game?

Virtual Reality (VR) is the future for gaming industry. Not only in international market, but also in Indonesia. So, Digital Happiness from Bandung which is already well known for their masterpiece, DreadOut is now showing their next horror VR game called DreadEye. They also show the game demo in Indonesia Games Championship 2017 (IGC) that was held last month. How are fans’ reaction toward this game?

We already know that DreadOut was a huge success. This game has already reached more than 1 million downloads through Steam. This marks a new standard for survival horror game that was made by Indonesian developer. To continue this success, Digital Happiness is now preparing DreadEye with VR technology that will be scarier than DreadOut.

The DreadEye demo in IGC contains several simple elements. First, we must sit in an ordinary chair. And then, we must use the VR headset and calibrate it. After all set, the demo will begin and you will start to scream!

In this game, you will become a patient that will explore the hall using a wheelchair. When the demo begins, you will be exploring through the hall and face many scary creatures. Some of them will suprise you, such as the experimental creatures, a maniac girl, or a crazy doctor. Your guts will be tested this 7-minute demo!

In this demo, Digital Happiness seems to try something new beside DreadOut that has heavy local setting. The character in DreadEye demo seems like Frankenstein film’s character, and the hall concept might reminds you about SAW concept. If you are not brave enough, don’t try this demo!

Not only the graphic, but the audio quality also makes the game scarier. Every single creature that appears in front of your eyes will make you jump or scream loudly. And also, the sound effect from your wheelchair to milling machine increase the spooky level of this game.


Source: Duniaku.net

This is only just a demo. But, DreadEye have a strong fundamental if Digital Happiness wants to bring this game to the mass market. If this game will be released on Steam, are you brave enough to try and buy this game?




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