Top 5 Game Publishers in Indonesia

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Here is the list based on their game, revenue, and also company size.

Looking back to late 1990’s, Indonesian game industry was nothing. It lacks of game developers, original game sales, and also game publishers. But everything has changed since early 2000 when some companies started to be game publisher and published some MMO game for PC like Nexia, Redmoon, Xian Online, and also the biggest one, Ragnarok Online.

Ranging from early 2000 until now, there are many game publishers that has been established. But some of them fail too soon because of many things such as wrongly choose the game that they publish in Indonesia or they cannot maintain their user base. In around 17 years of this business, here is the 5 top game publishers in Indonesia based on their experience, game, revenue, and also the company’s size.


Garena Indonesia

garena point blank indonesia

Garena started the business in Singapore since 2009. From that time on, they expand their business to other countries in South East Asia, such as Malaysia and Indonesia. When they expand their business in Indonesia, they bring some top online games from around the world like League of Legends and FIFA Online.

Garena did not only released online games, but they also released some supporting applications and platforms such as Garena+ which is meant to integrate all of their games in one launcher application, and an instant messaging application called TalkTalk. Their userbase and revenue increased rapidly since they take over the most popular FPS game in Indonesia, Point Blank from Gemscool.



rf online lytogame

If we talk about top game publishers in Indonesia, there is no doubt that Lytogame is one of them. Lytogame started the business in Indonesia with Ragnarok Online in 2003, and continued their journey by releasing some of the top MMO games in Asia like LUNA Online, RF Online and Granado Espada.

Since 2015 they put their focus more in mobile games by establishing a sub brand called LytoMobi. Their main goal is to help Indonesian mobile game developers to reach the local market. And also, sometimes they publish international mobile games that come from Japan, China and Korea.



conquest 3 kingdoms maingames

MainGames is one of the youngest game publisher in Indonesia. They started the business in 2011, and since that time they focus to publish high quality mobile games, mostly from China.

One of their best game, Conquest 3 Kingdoms has reached nearly 1 million downloads in Indonesia. They have a great variation in game genre, ranging from action RPG, sports, to dress up game.



gemscool tree of savior

Established under the name of PT. Kreon, Gemscool started the business in 2009 and gain its popularity because of Point Blank. They chose the right time when this game was launched, when the majority of game center in Indonesia started to left off Counter Strike because they don’t have the original license.

Not only Point Blank, but also Gemscool has published other high quality games like Dragon Nest, Lost Saga and Tree of Savior. All of them have a huge community and install basis. Now, Point Blank had been taken over by Garena Indonesia.



megaxus ayodance

Megaxus started the business in 2006 by releasing some of casual MMO game. The majority of their games are in form of rhythm game, and Audition AyoDance is the most popular in Indonesia. AyoDance is also an online game that has a long journey in Indonesia, and it is still running its service until now.

Beside of AyoDance, Megaxus has released some anime-styled games, such as Grand Chase and CLOSERS Online. They don’t release a lot of game, but all of them have a huge and strong community that support them.




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