10 Cool Things You Can Find at BEKRAF Game Prime 2017

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Are you curious enough?

A lot of you might be wondering what BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 actually offers and what we can get by attending it. Or to make it simpler: what is BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 and why do we have to go there? Well, let me show you 10 cool things you can find at BEKRAF Game Prime 2017. But before I start, if you have any colleagues or friends who are interested in gaming industry, please do share this article. Anyways, let’s start:


Lots of Cool Indonesian Developed Games

Indonesia Game Contest

The first thing on our list that you can find in BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 are developers (yes real developers) who create games with their own two hands. Are you curious to meet them? You should be, because there are a lot of popular Indonesia games such as Tahu Bulat series from Own Games, Fallen Legion from Mintsphere, Warung Chain from Touchten, and many more.

It’s only normal to play the games these developers present to you, but what’s cool is that you can ask them about how to create games and what it’s like to be involved in the Indonesian game industry. Are you tempted enough? We’ll see you at Balai Kartini then!


Board Game Area

gaming unplugged

Next up is the board game area created for those who love to play board games and to showcase their skills. In this area you can play board games all day long. There are varieties of titles, from popular to the ones you may just know.

There are also board games created by Indonesian developers you don’t want to miss. Other than that, if you are a card game player within a community, feel free to join, play, and have fun with us!


VR & AR Area

Now this is my favorite. In BEKRAF Game Prime 2017, you get to experience Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) games in an area filled with them. You can play from horror games, shooter games, to other varieties of game.

What’s more interesting is that although these gadgets are not cheap and people have been making others pay to experience this future technology, in BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 you get to play them for free! So come on over and experience VR and AR while you have the chance.


Arcade Area

Back in my days, arcades were one of my favorite places to go. They provide gaming experience you can’t find at home. It’s like only you and the world of arcade itself. Well, believe it or not, you do not have to pay any fee at all in BEKRAF Game Prime 2017’s arcade area.

There will be a lot of retro arcade machines where you can play and reminisce on memories with your friends. Oh, and there will be an Indonesian community named Retro Gaming Community. If you have anything in common, you might want to come and share with them.


Artist & Comic Alley

This area is an area for people who enjoy art, especially those who like to draw whether it be on a canvas, a palin paper, or in a PC/tablet. You can enjoy various types of art created by artists. There are also artists from Indonesia you get to share experience and ask for advice.

Wait, did I forget to tell you that this area focuses on comic arts, too? Well, let me tell you this: CIAYO Comics, Pionicon, Supermoon Comics, Rain Strip, Hellmates Circle, and Vinryl Grave are all great comic companies we know and attending BEKRAF Game Prime 2017. Are you?




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