This AR App Made by Indonesian Developer Will Make Muslim Parents and Children Happy

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Learning with fun!

As modern era technology continues to grow, so do our children. It’s not a secret that many children nowadays have more knowledge regarding smartphones and other types of mobile technology. With that being said, many Indonesian parents especially Muslim parents want to take control of this phenomenon by bringing in educational games or apps.

kartu muslim

One of the apps that is meant to educate Muslim children is an augmented reality (AR) app in the Google Play Store called Kartu Muslim. There are three types of apps that are currently in the Play Store. They are: Kartu Muslim: Sholat, Kartu Muslim: Wudhu, and Kartu Muslim: Ibadah Ramadhan.

Those three AR apps are made by a new developer that is named none other than Kartu Muslim, a new company under the famous game developer Touchten. The name itself is in Indonesian which means Muslim Cards in English.

Kartu Muslim

Let’s talk about the details of the app itself since it’s a bit complicated. Basically you need to buy real cards that will cost Rp. 60,000.- (approximately $4.5) per pack. Each pack consists of cards that match the the name of the app in the Play Store.

Kartu Muslim

Each card has unique pictures and details on how children can follow the steps to perform Wudu or Salah properly. However, the most interesting part is when you open the app and you point the camera to the card itself, it will eventually make a hologram-like visual above the card on how to do the steps. That is why it is called an AR app. Check this video out for more details.

As far as Indonesian game or app developers go, this type of invention is expected from one of the biggest companies in Touchten. By making this type of app unique, parents can hope that children will be excited to watch the magic unfold.




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