Take a Look at Lytomobi’s New Game, Shadowblood

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Ready for a new RPG game for smartphone? Then check this out!

One of Indonesia’s top game publishers, Lytomobi just launched it’s newest game called Shadowblood. Although this game is not made by Indonesian developers, it’s still good to see Lytomobi bring this action RPG to smartphones.

The story of the game itself revolves around a dragon named Arcnad. He was humble and most respected for keeping peace in the earth. However, everything changed when he was cursed by the god of evil, Belzav.

That’s when the heroes of Narr who are capable of defeating Arcnad and Belzav come and play a role in this game. Filled with action packed RPG, Shadowblood also has a lot of class variations you can choose to play. These classes include




This class represents quickness and agility. As an assasin, you are able to sneak behind your enemies and shock them with devastating blows. If you chose to be an asssasin, you are able to chose either Clause or Even.




As a ranger, you focus your attacks from far out. Also, with their quickness, rangers can strike enemies while performing moves in the air. If you chose to be a ranger, you are able to chose either Bella or Robin.




Berserkers are strong and tough. They have big bodies with high attack power. They have unique skills such as using metor or teleportation. They are also wielders of short range melee weapons. If you chose to be a berserker, you are able to chose either Agatha or Kai.




Last but not least, the magician class. This class focuses on magic to penetrate their enemies. If you chose to be a magician, you are only able to play as Stella.

Currently, Shadowblood is opening a pre-registration event where you can participate and gain special rewards by clicking the image below.

Ready for a new RPG game for smartphone? Then you must check this out!




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