Toge Productions Releases Toge Virgin Bundle 2017 Consists of 7 Premium Games

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

What’s inside this bundle?

One of Indonesian video game developers, Toge Productions just announced that they are making a bundle which consists of 7 physical PC games created by Indonesian developers called Toge Virgin Bundle 2017. Those games are:

  • Infectonator: Survivors by Toge Productions (Tangerang)
  • MagiCat by Kucing Rembes (Surabaya)
  • My Lovely Daughter by GameChanger Studio (Tangerang)
  • Hellbreaker by Tahoe Games (Kediri)
  • Ultra Space Battle Brawl by Mojiken Studio (Surabaya)
  • Rage in Peace by Rolling Glory Jam (Bandung)
  • She and the Light Bearer by Mojiken Studio (Surabaya)

Not only will you get the game, you will also be able to get a manual for each game, a postcard of each illustrated game, stickers representing each game, plus a poster created by Indonesian artist, Sonny Kusumasmoro.

If you combine the amount of costs when you buy these games separately, it will cost you Rp. 600,000.00. But if you buy the Toge Virgin Bundle, it will only cost you Rp. 350,000.00. Grab it quickly because this bundle is limited to only 50 people.

Toge Virgin Bundle 2017

CEO of Toge Productions Kris Antoni stated: “Toge Virgin Bundle 2017 is a bundle that consists of seven games created by talented Indonesian developers published by Toge Productions. We want this bundle exclusively only for 50 people and we want to hear their feedbacks on the games they played before it’s officially released.”

With the price set to Rp.350,000.00 that is lower than the average price Kris expects to gain the attention of the Indonesian premium game market. Kris added that even though Indonesia has a lot of gamers, they mostly play free games whereas from one of the games Toge Production released on Steam called Infectonator: Survivors’ dataonly one percent of the buyers were actually from Indonesia.

You can pre-purchase the Toge Virgin Bundle 2017 through this link or by visiting Toge Productions exclusive stand at BEKRAF Game Prime 2017. But don’t forget, only the first 50 people can get their hands on this bundle.




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