5 Reasons Why You Should Attend BEKRAF Game Prime 2017

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Are you a gamer enthusiast? Or maybe you are a cosplay geek? You must attend this event!

Are you a gamer enthusiast or a cosplay geek looking for new experience using Virtual Reality (VR)? Then you should definitely attend BEKRAF Game Prime 2017.

BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 is the evolution of Game Developers Gathering (GDG) that is held annually, and it becomes the gathering place for all Indonesian game industry’s stakeholders. This three-day event will offer a new format that has never been introduced before. The event will be started by B2B day in which all local and international game industry’s stakeholders are gathered to transfer their knowledge and build networks. Then it will be followed by two days of B2C event that brings up purely exhibition concept as it will be a playground for everyone.

Accordingly, here are the reasons why you should attend the event:


It's Free

Game Prime 2017

The BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 is not cheap; it’s free. We do not hold this event for business purposes; rather, we want to promote what is ours, and that is the game developers community in Indonesia.


It's Accessible

Game Prime 2017

If you find yourself thinking that you can’t attend BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 because it’s unreachable or too far then you might be glad to know that the event will be held at Balai Kartini Convention Center in South Jakarta.

If you happen to use the train, you can get yourself off at Cawang Station. If you happen to use Transjakarta Public Busway, however, you can get off at Gatot Subroto Bus Station. After that, you can use “Ojek” online for a cheap price since it’s close from the station.


Experience Virtual Reality

Game Prime 2017

In the BEKRAF Game Prime 2017, we team up with VR industries such as Dreadeye. If you happen to be wondering what it feels like to play games using VR, then this is the right time for you. After that, you can tell your friends how it’s like.


Get to Know People from the Game Industry

Game Prime 2017

Being one of the biggest events in the gaming industry, we provide very special treatments to those who are interested in it. It is the perfect time for you to get to know others and maybe play a massive role for the years to come.


Play Games That Just Been Released

Game Prime 2017

Since there are plenty developers that want to showcase their works at the BEKRAF Game Prime 2017, it’s rarely that they announce their newest work. Nevertheless, the first PlayStation 4 game created by an Indonesian Fallen Legion will make a debut here. Aren’t you curious?

Those are five out of the many reasons why you should attend the BEKRAF Game Prime 2017. Save the date (July 29-30, 2017) and we’ll see you there!

To get your ticket, simply visit http://www.gameprime.asia/#ticket and choose the Eventbrite (B2C) Ticket.




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