Break the Record! More Than 13.000 Attendees Join BEKRAF Game Prime 2017!

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Not only the biggest gaming event in Indonesia, but also one of the big show in South East Asia!

eSports Competition with More Than a Hundred Million Rupiahs Prize!

BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 Attendees

A new content in BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 is an eSports Competition that was held on the main stage. On the first day, there were the first offline tournament of Mobile Arena and a mini tournament of Ultra Space Battle Brawl that was developed by Mojiken Studio. Also, there was MaenBolaSupercup, a 2vs2 competitive tournament of PES 2017.

BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 Attendees

On the second day, more people came because the biggest Dota 2 Tournament in Indonesia, Kaskus Battleground was held on the main stage with its massive prize; Rp100 million! Here’s the recap of the tournament’s winners,

Mobile Arena

  • Winner                 :BigetronEsports (Rp3,000,000 Prize + 500 in game voucher)
  • Runner Up           : GGWP.ID (Rp2,000,000 Prize + 500 in game voucher)
  • 3rd Place               : NOVA Esports (Rp1,000,000 Prize +500 in game voucher)

Dota 2 Kaskus Battleground

  • Winner                 : Rex RegumQeon (Rp50,000,000 Prize + trophy)
  • Runner Up           : BOOM.ID (Rp30,000,000 Prize + product from sponsor)
  • 3rd Place               :ReccaEsports (Rp20,000,000 Prize + product from sponsor)

BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 Attendees

PES 2017 MaenBolaSuperCup

  • Winner                 : Firman & Cucu / Pandawa (Rp700,000 Prize, 1 PES 2018 blu-ray, and MSC Trophy)
  • JuaraKedua         : Reza &Dio / Luckiest (Rp300,000 Prize and 1 PES 2018 blu-ray)
  • Best of Four        : Noviar&Valent / MaenBola (Rp250,000 Prize)
  • Best of Four        : Asep&Hisman / Praja (Rp250,000 Prize)

Game Prime Awards, Awards for the Best Indonesia Games and Developers!

Every year, BEKRAF Game Prime always gives awards to the best Indonesia games and developers through an event called Game Prime Awards. These awards were given to the winnersof seven available categories. And those are: Most Innovative Gameplay, Most Promising Game, Industry Icon of the Year, Best Tabletop Game, Best Booth, Citizen Choice and Game of the Year.

The winners are chosen by a group of judges that consists of industry experts from Duniaku.net, Asosiasi Game Indonesia, Badan Ekonomi Kreatif, Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika. Also, there are two guest judges from Singapore and Malaysia, Elicia Lee (from Eliphant, main organizer of GameStart Asia) and Tim Wee (IndieGames.com).

Each of the winners gets an award trophy. Also, three of the best games get a chance to participate in international gaming event, GameStart Asia 2017 that will be held in Singapore, October 2017 and Casual Connect Asia 2018 that will be held in HongKong, May 2018.

Here’s the recap of the Winners,

Most Innovative Gameplay: Badminton Stars (I Play All Day Studio, Surabaya)

Most Promising Game: SHE and The Light Bearer (Mojiken Studio, Surabaya)

Best Tabletop Game: The Festivals (Manikmaya Games, Bandung)

Game Industry Icon of the Year: Toge Productions (Developer dan Publisher Game, Tangerang)

Best Booth: Visionesia (Bandung)

Citizen Choice: Tiles of Waktu (RedRain, Jakarta)

Game of the Year: Fallen Legion (Mintsphere, Jakarta)

See you in the BEKRAF Game Prime 2018!

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