7 Best Indie Games At BEKRAF Game Prime 2017

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

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BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 just finished with a blast. The event that was held last July 29 and 30 had many people come to see game developers from Indonesia in action with their games being showcased. Some of those games are from big-name developers funded by publishers while others are categorized as indie developers, who have a minimum budget but have passion in developing games.

So we appreciate that and wanted to give a shout out through this list of 7 best indie games at BEKRAF 2017. The list is based on journalists from Here you go:


Legrand Legacy

Legrand Legacy was one of the most visited booths during the BEKRAF Game Prime 2017. The main reason is that people see it as a cool game from the outside. So let’s take a closer look inside the game.

Semisoft is the developer responsible for the release of the Legrand Legacy. If you remember last year during BEKRAF Game Prime 2016, this game received an award as the most promising game and has proven to be one.

The gameplay itself is an RPG (Role Playing Game) and mainly inspired from the most successful 1990’s JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Game) such as The Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy and Suikoden. Because it is mostly inspired by 90’s JRPGs, Legrand Legacy has a similar gameplay in which it is a turn based with quick time event element that the developers described it as ACT (Action Circle Tempo).

The graphics itself is very solid and very easy on the eyes. In short, it is good and we like it. If you are curious and want to know more, you can visit their Steam page and follow their updates and release date which so far is scheduled this September.

Follow Legrand Legacy News: Steam 


Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond

Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond comes in second place on this list. It is another RPG game to make it on this list. Developed by Ekuator Games, this game’s original series, Celestian Tales has won many awards including Game of the Year GDG Awards 2015 (event held by us before the name was changed to BEKRAF Game Prime 2017).

While this game has a very colorful design graphically, it has a very complex story within it. You will be playing as a hero who is questioning the bare morals of human-beings. Experience what it’s truly like to bear the responsibilities of a hero in the beautifully hand-drawn Old North. Take on the role of one of six young nobles, learning your way of knighthood and assisting the lords you serve. When an external force threatens the land, you find yourself swept in the tides of war where the deadliest enemies are those among your own ranks.

Celestian Tales allows you to play the game at your own pace in your own style. Enter the first decade of this epic three-game series and see for yourself what sets it apart. As for the new adventure, Realms Beyond, the developers says that it will be available to download in Steam February 2018. But if you want to play the series before, you can go directly to Steam and search for Celestian Tales or download through this link:

Download Celestian Tales: Steam 


Forged of Blood

Next game to be named one of the best indie games in BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 is Forged of Blood. A tactical RPG game that is based on a fantasy world Attiras.

There are a lot of cool features in this game. The first one is that the game’s characters are not limited to a certain class. You can join parties with your friends during the war. This game’s story is also based on the decisions you make. Forged of Blood will be released around mid-2018 and you can follow the updates on Steam.

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Noctin is one of the most unique games to be shown in BEKRAF Game Prime 2017. It is a musical based game developed by Reverse Reality in which you tap on moving dots according to the rhythm of a particular song. It is chosen in this list because of it’s genre, the genre where Indonesian developers rarely focus on, that is music.

What’s more unique is that Noctin delivers players eagerness to know the story behind the iconic covergirl of the game, Noctin herself. Every time you complete a stage, you will get fragments of stories that tells about the life of Noctin. The more stages you comple, the more information you will get.

This game itself is on a pre-aplha build and plans to launch before October of this month. The developers of Noctin aims to release this game for South East Asia region before completing it’s way to South Korea and Japan as they see those countries are mostly where music game players come from.


Tiles of Waktu

Tiles of Waktu became the best game chosen by citizens in BEKRAF Game Prime Awards 2017 yesterday. It is a puzzle based game that consists of five different characters with different skills and play style.

The game is easy to play. Press the same Tiles according to the tiles in the center, the pattern of the tiles will be changed once you reach the new Cycle. Limited time will be provided and decrease faster as the game going. Reaching the new Cycle will reset the game’s speed, as the game’s difficulty increases.

Download Tiles of Waktu (TOW): Android – Free


Hollow Ryhme

Next up is Hollow Rhyme, a game developed by Circus Horse. Finally, a horror game that made it on the list. It is a single player horror adventure game where you wake up at school in the middle of the night and find the mysteries within.

You will be wandering around the darkness of school as a boy who will need to manage his breath, hide from his pursuers, and carry out different tasks to safely escape the night.

This game has been greenlit by the Steam Community and is set to officially release in early 2017 but has yet to release.

Hollow Rhyme: Steam Greenlight Link


Ghost Parade

Ghost Parade is another horror game to make it on the top 7 Best Indie Games List. It is a side-scrolling game surrounded by a beautiful, magical and mythical atmosphere. It tells a story of a girl, named Suri, who got lost in a forest and tries to get back home.

Along the way, she befriends many mythical ghosts inside the forest to guide her. In return, the ghosts need Suri to help them take back the forest from humans that destroyed it. This game just released its official Beta early this year and is able to be played.

Download Ghost Parade: Steam 

That is our list of the top 7 best indie games in BEKRAF Game Prime 2017.

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