Archipelageek, Growing Game Industry Faster Through a Collaboration with Other Creative Industries

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

This program helps game industry to growing faster through collaboration with other creative industry, such as comics and toys.

This Archipelageek program helps game industry to grow faster through a collaboration with other creative industries, such as comics and toys.

As we know, Indonesia has a huge market with its more than 250 million population. The game revenue is also huge: more than US $800 million in single year. But sadly, still only 1% of that revenue goes to locally-made games.

One of many things that cause this problem is lack of exposure. There are still many mainstream gamers out there that don’t know about local games and also the developers.

There were some efforts done to increase this exposure, either from Indonesia Game Association (AGI), the government (such as Badan Ekonomi Kreatif), or from other industries’ stakeholders. Supporting the local developers to participate in pop culture events is one of them.


So, AGI and Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (BEKRAF) already initiated a program called Archipelageek in Popcon Asia 2017 last week. What is Archipelageek?

Archipelageek is a program to support local game developers so they can exhibit in more than just one game event. Previously called Indiesche Partij, this program already helped 12 studios to exhibit their game in Popcon Asia 2017.


Each of them get free 2×2 booth in a dedicated area to exhibit the game in this event. This program helped them to get some feedbacks from the audience on their currently-developed game. And if they already released the game, this is a great place to show the game to them and test the mainstream market.

The 12 game that exhibit in this program are:

  • Legrand Legacy (SEMISOFT)
  • Forged of Blood (Critical Forge)
  • Hollywhoot (Joyseed Gametribe)
  • Noctn (Reverse Reality)
  • Bumbu Cinta/Love Spice (Agate International)
  • Bubur Ayam Rush (Milkish Game Studio)
  • Bunbu Dance Tour (Regulus Studio)
  • CHIPS! Monster Tap (CIAYO Games)
  • ORBIZ (Anoman Studio)
  • Fallen Legion (Mintsphere)
  • Celestian Tales: Howl of the Ravager (Ekuator Games)
  • Psyburst (Hakagame)


“In my opinion, Archipelageek is a window of opportunity for game developers to be exposed to the wider creative industries, such as comics and toys,” said Cipto Adiguno from AGI.

“We would like to say thank you to BEKRAF for this chance in Popcon Asia, so we can see and know the other creative industries’ stakeholders. From here, we can collaborate further to grow the Indonesia’s creative industry together,” he added.

Cipto also gave a hint for the next Archipelageek program. “Archipelageek is a BEKRAF’s program to bring digital products to other industries’ stakeholders. At first, we initiated this in SXSW USA,” said Cipto. “So, there is a hope to bring this program to other events, not only to Popcon Asia,” he added.

“In the future, we hope that with this collaboration, game industry will grow faster than before,” he finished.

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