10 Indonesian Games That Receive International Awards

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Some of Indonesian games also critically acclaimed by professionals. Here’s some of the award-winning Indonesian games.


Trigger Princess (Mintsphere)

Have you played the Fallen Legion? Well, Trigger Princess is the game that started it all. With Trigger Princess, Mintsphere got the Most Promising Game in Development award in Indie Prize Asia 2014.

Trigger Princess offers a unique genre that is one button RPG which means you do all action in this game with one button, from deciding, arranging the strategy to using items. Trigger Princes is like evolution of Trigger Knight which they released couple years before in mobile platform.

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Infectonator Survivors (Toge Productions)

Infectonator Survivors is the third game of Infectonator series that gets the international award. The game successfully grabbed the Best Desktop Game award in Indie Prize Asia 2014 that was held in Singapore.

This game is described as a “Randomized Permadeath Survival Simulator that combines RTS, Tower Defense, Roguelike, and Management-Simulation gameplay”. Infectonator Survivors also marks the early step of Toge Productions to try new platform, after previously being in Flash and mobile platform.

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An Octave Higher (Kidalang)

Once again, Indonesian game developer gained success in Indie Prize Asia. In 2015, Kidalang with its visual novel An Octave Higher grabbed the Best Game Narrative Award. Kidalang becomes the only Indonesian developer who gets award in this competition.

An Octave Higher tells a story about one fictional city called Overture. Overture is a magical world where every person can use magic to do daily activities. But, this use of magic has cause many problems. These problems split the Overture’s citizens into two sides: Bourgeoisie who are the rich and capitalist; and Proletariat that consists of poor industrial workers.

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Tahu Bulat (Own Games)

International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) held its first competition in SEA region back in 2016. And in the first IMGA SEA, one of the Indonesian games, Tahu Bulat successfully grabbed the Guilty Pleasure Award. This award surely makes it one of the best mobile games in that year.

In this idle/clicker game, you should cook and serve round tofu for your customers by tapping the screen or upgrading some elements. After gaining success in local market, this game is also localized in English with title Round Tofu.

Download Tahu Bulat: Android (Free)


She and The Light Bearer (Mojiken Studio)

The last but not least is one studio who came from Surabaya, Mojiken Studio. Last May, they successfully got the Best Kids and Family Game award in the Indie Prize Asia 2017 with She and The Light Bearer. Also, they are nominated in two other categories; Best Game Art and Best Game Narrative.

She and The Light Bearer is a visual novel with stunning graphics and enjoyable music. This visual novel tells about fireflies who in search mission to find a figure that they called Mother. They should find it to save the world from destruction.

She and The Light Bearer is one of the PC game that will be published by Toge Production. You can expect to play this game in early 2018.

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