Celestian Tales is Set to Bring Its New Sequel: Realms Beyond

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Celestian Tales has been around for two years now and the developers, Ekuator Games from Bandung are set to release their upcoming sequel, Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond.

Celestian Tales has been around for two years now and the developers, Ekuator Games from Bandung are set to release their upcoming sequel named: Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond.

During BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 last July, I had the opportunity to take a sneak peek and play the game. Although the game is not fully developed, the gameplay is like the Celetian Tales itself with an addition of new stories. Since it is not yet to be released, I’m not allowed to give the details, but trust me, it’s wonderful.

Thankfully I had the opportunity to interview Ekuator Game’s CEO, Cipto Adiguno about the game itself and the next sequel:

Game Prime (G): Can you tell us about the game in general?

Cipto Adiguno (C): Celestian Tales in general is an RPG genre game set in the old age. If you know Saga Frontier, it is a game based on that. We try to sell this game by mainly focusing on the story. It has a unique story line and a very unique one. It’s like Game of Thrones, unexpected yet deadly.

G: Other than the story, what does this game offer, say, the gameplay for example?

C: The gameplay itself is quite straight forward. You will encounter lots of monsters and enemies that you must defeat with your team. What’s unique is items are focused on one stat whereas the other stats are equal or not high.

Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond

G: What will you offer in the new sequel Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond?

C: After completing the stories of Celestian Tales: Old North, you will appear nine years later after peace was brought to the world, and another evil figure will appear in the Realms Beyond. If you want to know more about the story, then play the game.

G: Speaking of playing the game itself, when will players be able to get their hands on it?

C: We are currently developing on other things right now. But I can assure you that by the end of Februari next year, players will be able to play it.

Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond

G: How much will the game cost?

C: The game will cost around $10 $15. But if you are in Indonesia region, it will probably cost around Rp100,000 Rp150,000.

G: What are your expectations when the game is released?

C: I hope a lot of people especially who are fans of story games will buy and play Celestian Tales. We also hope that by attending events such as BEKRAF Game Prime 2017, more Indonesian people will know and play the game.

Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond

G: Thank you, Cipto.

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