Celestian Tales’ Sequel: Realms Beyond Started Its Kickstarter Campaign

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Celestian Tales: Old North’s story will be continued with its sequel, Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond. Now, this classic-style RPG from Bandung starts its Kickstarter campaign.

Celestian Tales: Old North‘s sequel Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond just started its Kickstarter campaign this August. This classic-style RPG from Bandung will continue the story of its forerunner; it starts where the previous game’s story ended.

Two years had passed since Celestian Tales: Old North was released. The game that was developed by Ekuator Games succeeded their Kickstarter Campaign in 2014, and it was released on Steam in 2015. Since then, this classic-style RPG has become one of the most successful PC games from Indonesian developers as of today.

Now, Celestian Tales will continue its story in the sequel, Realms Beyond. Similar to the predecessor, Ekuator Games also put up the game on Kickstarter.

As its sequel, Realms Beyond will continue the ending that you previously had from the Old North. So, Realms Beyond will read your saved data and continue from it. Realms Beyond‘s story will be started and affected by what you have decided in the previous game.

You still can play Realms Beyond although you’ve never played the prequel before. You can get the information from what happened in the Old North, and then you can choose how the story will continue in Realms Beyond.

Celestian tales: Realms Beyond

This game will continue all of your stories that you have experienced before, including the relationship between characters. The battle system is still the same. It uses the turn-based system that was inspired by some classic JRPGs like Saga Frontier.

Realms Beyond‘s story sets in nine years after the event in the Old North ended. You play as the Companions of House Levant, six knights, sworn to serve and protect the heir of the noble house, on their journey to survive the world where one’s real enemies are often their closest.

Celestian tales: Realms Beyond

Similar to the Old North, some part of the game will offer branching storylines. You can choose which story that you will experience next, and it can affect the ending that you wil get. Not only the gameplay, but the 2D graphics and music will also make you feel nostalgic.

The Kickstarter campaign from Realms Beyond has started since August 21, 2017, with US$15,000 target. Only in one night, this game successfully attracts more than 160 backers with a total of US$3,700 pledged.

Celestian tales: Realms Beyond

You can give your support to this game through its Kickstarter page. Or, you can try the demo for yourself by downloading it through a link below. The game will be released at the end of 2017.

Celestian Tales Realms Beyond: Download Demo

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