CIAYO Games Announce Collaboration with Agate Studio to Create a New Game Concept

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

CIAYO Games and Agate Studio collaborate to make a brand new game that will has a new concept. What is the project?

CIAYO Games and Agate Studio have collaborated to make a brand new game that will have a new concept and involve users more. What is the project?


CIAYO Games which is a subsidiary of CIAYO Corp Jakarta announced their collaboration with Agate Studio from Bandung. This collaboration’s target is to create a game that has a new concept to involve the users more.

CIAYO Games team has met Agate Studio early this August. However, that was not the first time they met and discussed a project.

The main focus of the meeting was to discuss the future partnership between the two companies. Finally, after an intense discussion, they set a deal. The deal’s sealed by signing an agreement between Arief Widhiyasa (CEO of Agate Studio) and Borton Liew (CEO of CIAYO Corp.)

ciayo games agate studio

ciayo games agate studio

Arief Widhiyasa (left) with Borton Liew (right)

As quoted from its official blog, CIAYO Games feels very optimistic about this collaboration project. “It is really an honor for CIAYO Games to collaborate with one of Indonesia’s top game developers like Agate Studio,” said Victorio Primadi, CTO of CIAYO Games.

“With this collaboration, we want to make a massive scale game that will be very interesting to be played. I can’t give the detail for now. One thing that I can say is, in this game, the gamers will be able to not only play the game but also submit their creations. They can also monetize it,” he continues.

ciayo games agate studio

This game will become the second game created by CIAYO Games after gaining success with CHIPS! Monster Tap this year. Besides creating games, CIAYO Corp. also has a digital comic reader similar to LINE Webtoon that contains 100% local content.

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Agate Studio itself is one of the most senior game developer companies in Indonesia. Founded by 18 college students from Bandung in 2009, this studio has released games on many platforms, ranging from mobile, PC, web/flash, to VR/AR games.

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