Esport Course Exists in One of Indonesia’s High School

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

SMA 1 PSKD is the Indonesia’s first and currently high school with eSport course. What it’s like?

Esport course in Indonesia might be natural for a college level, but when you hear a high school having this curriculum you might wonder what school it is and what it’s like.


PSKD 1 Senior High School or more known as SMA 1 PSKD is a school located in Pangeran Diponegoro Street number 80, Central Jakarta. Yohannes Paraloan Siagian S.Psi M.M. M.B.A (Joey), the school’s principle stated that it is a school’s responsibility to make students achieve their dreams or goals.

eSport Course in Indonesia

The information we gathered for this article is based on Joey’s interview with The interview took place on June 29, 2016.

Joey stated that he sees eSport as an industry growing in countries such as South Korea, US, and China. He wants his students to be able to have formal eSport education. The reason is so that they can be ready to dive into the real eSport world.

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Joey also stated that the school’s decision on making this formal course was not an idea based on himself, but rather from what the students themselves. SMA 1 PSKD’s student council known as OSIS always give advice and ideas on what the students currently want, need, or think a program/course should be or shouldn’t be.

SMA 1 PSKD is looking for teachers in the Jakarta area who can teach any of the following subjects at SMA…

Posted by Joey Siagian on 4 ফেব্ৰুৱাৰী 2016

The course that started in 2016/2017 definitely made a lot of people applaud the decision. If you take a look at Joey’s post from two years ago, you can see that SMA 1 PSKD was looking for teachers who can teach students in playing famous eSport games such as League of Legends (LoL)Defense of the Ancient 2 (DotA 2), and Counter Strike (CS).

eSport Course in Indonesia

The Curicculum


Students are allowed to play and learn to become a pro. It does attract a lot of students especially those who like playing games.

This course not only let students play during class, but also offers other lessons. These lessons include economic theory, mathematics, decision making, communication and others. 40% of the study comes from the teacher whereas 60% come from the students themselves.

What’s more unique is that SMA 1 PSKD do not use the classic way of school. The classic way of school is when students attend class and study to make their grades high.

The students in SMA 1 PSKD are not obligated to attend classes. It is focused on independent learning and exploration where the process is more important than the end product.

eSport Course in Indonesia

SMA 1 PSKD of course is not the only school with eSport course if you compare it to other countries. Garnes Vidaregaande Skule in Norway created an eSport lesson that makes students study for five hours a week. Laptop/PC powered by NVIDIA GTX 980Ti video cards are given to students to make them more happy.

Since it is the first eSport course in Indonesia in a high school level, we hope to see more schools create courses such as these to make Indonesian gaming industry more popular.

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