King’s Ploy, An Addictive Mix of Simple Puzzle Game and Chess for Mobile!

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

King’s Ploy is the new mobile game that came from Mintsphere. It combines puzzle game similar to 2048 and chess rules to create an unique gameplay.

Mintsphere has written its name in Indonesia’s game industry history by releasing Fallen Legion. It is the first PS4 and PS Vita game that developed by Indonesian game developer. After that, now they introduce a new mobile game that focuses in free to play market titled King’s Ploy. What is it?

King’s Ploy is the new mobile game that came from the Jakarta-based game developer. It combines two elements: puzzle game similar to 2048 and chess to create a unique gameplay.

King's Ploy

Forget the competitive element of a versus chess match. In King’s Ploy you should manage your strategy againts yourself to finish the puzzle. This game provides a chess-like board (but with fewer square), complete with its chess pieces.

The main objective in this game is to make King the only chess pieces that’s left in game board. You can find the variation of the chess pieces, and they will move like the real chess.

King's Ploy

For example, you can move Rook horizontally and vertically; Queen that can move in any directions you want; and Knight that only can move in L-shape paths.

You can beat the other chess pieces if its in your movement path. One piece can not move twice in a row, so you should think carefully about the movement strategy, and decide what you should do next.

King's Ploy

A little different from the real chess, in King’s Ploy you can not beat a piece that has a higher rank. For example, Rook can not beat the Queen or King. Stuck in a level? You can use limited hints or undo your movement.

You can change your chess pieces set by obtain a new set from a specific level. Or, you can buy it by using the in-app purchase method like other free-to-play games. If you run out of hints, you can restore it by watching the video ads that provides inside of the game.

Wanna try this new mix of puzzle and chess? You can download King’s Ploy for free through the link bellow.

Download King’s Ploy: Android (Free)

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