Legrand Legacy First Impression: Stunning Graphics and Intense Gameplay!

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

One of the Indonesia’s most promising game so far. See our thoughts about this game!

Legrand Legacy is a game developed by Indonesian developers based in Bandung, Semisoft. They are set to release their Beta preview on Steam. During BEKRAF Game Prime 2017, I had a chance to try the pre-alpha game and here are my thoughts on it.


Stunning Graphics Solid Gameplay

The first thing that caught my eyes were the graphics that this game offers. It really amuses me how an indie developer with a small team can produce something of this quality.

Although you can’t see the details of every object, the stunning art is so fresh you might think that the art team are artists themselves. But what’s a good graphic without a good gameplay? Legrand Legacy has a slightly unique style of play for a JRPG game. You and your team will encounter monsters that you must slay.

What’s unique is unlike Final Fantasy where you just chose a character to attack with and rely on luck on how much damage a character makes. In Legrand Legacy, they have a feature called Action Circle Tempo (ACT) in which you must act by pressing a button at the right time and your timing plays a role in how much damage you deliver.


Great Story Line and Character Conversation

Legrand Legacy

Not only the stunning graphics and gameplay, Legrand Legacy also has a story line in which each character play a major role in conversations. You will see that when a character says something, they have facial reaction and also body gestures. But not only that, Semisoft claim that they worked very hard adding in-game cinematic effects which are very awesome.


Great Music

This might be the most underrated part of the game. At first, I didn’t realize any of the game’s music because of the loud noise from BEKRAF Game Prime 2017’s crowd. But when I put on a headset, it really surprised me how calm and relaxing the music is, except, of course, when you encounter monsters in battle where the game’s music switches to tense mode.


The Hype is Real

Legrand Legacy

Last but not least, the crowd of BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 are the judges themselves. Although Semisoft was only provided with a small booth, we can see that many people were eager to try this game.

Its campaign on Kickstarter has also raised many incomes to fund its games in the future. One of the game’s developer when was asked stated:

“We were really happy when many gamers came to our booth and tried our game. Can’t wait till September and see how the game will progress”.

Legrand Legacy is currently available in soft Beta and only the funders of the game are able to play. If you are eager to play this game, then we are the same. But we must wait till it is officially launched on Steam this September.  Its Kickstarter campaign has collected around Rp. 772.000.000,- in total which helps this game able to be released.

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