4 Mobile Advertising Trends That Work Well for Indonesian Gamers

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Here’s the mobile ads trends that developer can implement to maximize their revenue in Indonesian market.

Here are the mobile ads trends that developers can implement to maximize their revenue in the Indonesian market.


There are so many free games out there, especially mobile games. In just one day, we can see hundreds of new free games released on App Store. How can that free games get revenue? Advertising is the answer.

Ads vary in forms and styles, ranging from banners, native to video ads. Each of those variants has positive and negative impacts to users. If you release a free-to-play mobile game, you should choose the ads’ type correctly.

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Talk about Indonesian gamers, there’s no doubt that Indonesia is the most populated country in Southeast Asia. But in terms of revenue for local developers, Indonesia gain less than other countries like Singapore or Thailand.

Mobile Ads

So, choosing the right advertising method is the key to maximize the revenue in Indonesia. But, what are the mobile advertising trends? In BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 last July, Anton Soeharyo (Touchten Games), Wei Chong (Unity) and Tapan Acharya (VMAX) explained the answer.


Maximize the Game Design

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Anton, Chong, and Tapan agreed that game design is everything. The revenue from ads depends on how compatible is the game design with the ads’ type that you choose. So, choose the ads’ type wisely.


Instant Gratification

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More specifically, Anton said that one of the mobile advertising trends in Indonesia is by giving an instant gratification. Instant gratification means that users can get benefits directly after they see the ads. For example, users can get premium currency or an additional life after they see the video ads.

Currently, Touchten has a rewarded platform for their users called Kado Saku (Pocket Gift, in English). Users can exchange their points that they get after playing Touchten’s games for some rewards in this platform. The rewards vary from digital goods to electronic peripherals.


Free Trial Premium Feature

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Non-paying users do not mean that they aren’t interested to buy. So, sometimes developers should give free trial for the Premium Feature. This can be limited by duration (such as 1 day, 3-day long, or so on), or by certain amounts (such as 2 free trials for a premium item).


Branding Ads, Not User Acquisition

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Source: Venturebeat

Finally, after choosing the right ads’ type, you can choose the right ads’ content. The best ads’ content for your game is branding ads. If it’s possible, don’t insert a user acquisition ads content in your game. For example, don’t insert another game banner inside your game.

The game banner usually is a user acquisition ads. It will ask users to install the game and leave your game. Thus, don’t make your user leave your games because they want to install the game that is advertised in your game.

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