Gameplay Prototype Finished, What’s Next for Pale Blue?

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Will Tinker Games continue the development progress?

There was no doubt when a couple years ago we said that Pale Blue was the one of the most promising project in Indonesia’s gaming industry. Sadly, the development progress has been full of mess, and as we knew from the previous update, the development team couldn’t finish the game despite the high expectations.

But as you can read in our article before, the development team has decided to do some speedrun development in three months. The target is clear: to make some prototype of the game that can be played by gamers, especially by the backers of this project in the Kickstarter.

Pale Blue

And now, the team fulfilled their promise. Earlier this month, the development team finished the gameplay prototype of Pale Blue. They confirmed it in the latest update on their Kickstarter page.

Because it’s only a prototype, don’t expect it to be as good as the final game. There might be too many bugs, or features that aren’t complete. But at least, they can deliver some prototype that can be the core of the main game if there’s any studios out there who want to continue the progress.

Pale Blue

The main purpose of the demo is to show how the game’s battle would feel. You can explore 10 areas of this game and fight 6 enemy variations, and also one final boss.

There’s no checkpoint, too. So if you die in a level, you should go back from the start. But, there’s a cheat code that you can implement to jump in a specific level that you want. You can check the full explanation in their newsfeed.

After they’ve finished the prototype, what’s next for this project?

Pale Blue

There’s no doubt that the team has been worked very hard for the past three months to finish this prototype. But sadly, as they mention in the last update, the team will be disbanded.

The team said that they only decide to develop a solid core for further development. And the company will take care the rest. The team hopes that what they have done with this prototype can help the game to raise some additional fund for the next development.

Here are some key quotes from the Pale Blue development team’s official statement.

… We will develop a solid core for further development, and the company will take care after that. Our main purpose is to create something that will be the base of Pale Blue core development, since we don’t have anything solid from our former development. And hopefully, maybe, this build could invite some more investors to fund the next development. But for now, this prototype sprint team is disbanded, and maybe some of us will continue, maybe some will not. And now, we are giving the Pale Blue development decision back to Tinker Games. Maybe they already has [sync] some plans, or maybe they just started making some. But all we can do is hope for the best.

Pale Blue

So, let’s wait for the Tinker Game’s decision. Will they continue to develop Pale Blue with this core gameplay? Or is there any studios out there who want to take over the development?

But for now, enjoy the gameplay prototype. You can download it here:

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