SEA Summit 2017: Key Industry Event in Southeast Asia to held in October 2017

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

First edition of The SEA Summit will be held in Singapore on October 2017 as part of 2nd IMGA SEA and GameStart Asia 2017. What will be its main focus?

First edition of The SEA Summit will be held in Singapore in October 2017. What is on its agenda?


Undoubtedly, Southeast Asia is one of the most flourishing areas for game development and marketing. It’s all thanks to the big market and the human resource. There are also many talented people that can create great games.

There are so many events to learn the trends in Southeast Asia, one of which is The SEA Summit that will be held in Singapore, October 2017.

The SEA Summit is a B2B conference for Southeast Asia game industry. Its goal is to facilitate knowledge sharing, networking and collaboration opportunities among companies based in Southeast Asia. This event is also a perfect place for those looking for ways to enter the market area.

The SEA Summit is a collaboration of Eliphant, the organizer of GameStart Asia, and the International Mobile Game Awards (IMGA). The inaugural SEA Summit will take place in Singapore on October 12 and 13, followed by the 2nd edition of IMGA SEA awards ceremony.

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This will be the first edition of The SEA Summit. In addition, This event will become a key industry event for the region. This conference will focus on two things; first, the business game, and second, the opportunities of eSports.

The Business of Games


The Sea Summit 2017

Documentation from BEKRAF Game Prime 2017

If you’re a game developer, publisher, investor, or just eager to know more about the game industry, this is for you. This conference will provide insights into aspects of game development, marketing, media relations, funding, and available research for indies.

Opportunities of eSports


The Sea Summit 2017

Documentation from BEKRAF Game Prime 2017

If you’re a company party or individual looking to invest in eSports, this topic is a great start. This track will invite experts to share their experiences and insights into the world of eSports and its potential.

GameStart Asia 2017 will start after the SEA Summit. This Southeast Asia’s Premier Game Convention returns for its 4th edition on October 14 and 15, 2017, with a Cyberpunk theme and more consumer-friendly and industry-centric content.

The Sea Summit 2017

GameStart Asia 2016

An addition of a large GameStart Tabletop area to play, discover and compete on new and well-loved tabletop and arcade-style games will be there. Also, there will be several eSports tournaments like SEA Major, Capcom Pro Tour and so on.

You can attend The SEA Summit 2017 by registering yourself on the official page. The schedule and speakers will be revealed soon.

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