Virality is King: Top 5 Most Viral Indonesian Mobile Games

By Arya Wibowo

There are many ways for a game to be successful. One of them is being viral. You can learn from these 5 most viral Indonesian mobile games!

There are many ways for a game to be successful. One of which is by being viral. If you want your game to be viral, you can learn from these 5 most viral Indonesian mobile games!


This rank consists of top five games that garnered their downloads mostly from virality, and we sort them by their release dates. So here are those games!


Icon Pop Quiz

viral indonesian mobile games

Icon Pop Quiz was a sensation back in 2012. Icon Pop Quiz is a puzzle game that lets you guess celebrities, movies, characters, and such from a mere icon.

This game was a hit, but it reached its peak was when that year’s figure of sensation, PSY, changed his Twitter profile picture with Icon Pop Quiz‘s icon of him. From there, it really caught the eye of many gamers around the world.

It’s safe to say that Icon Pop Quiz was the first Indonesian game that reached global success. Right now it has reached 5 million to 10 million downloads in Google Play Store, and significantly more in Apple App Store.

Download Icon Pop Quiz: Android (Free) / iOS (Free)


Tebak Gambar

Tebak Gambar or “picture guessing” first come to attention from a Facebook page that gives word puzzles from pictures that are stacked together. People come to guess the meaning of some pictures and make a phrase or sentence that contains some meaning (and mostly has funny meaning).

Then when it launched as a mobile game in 2013, it became a very popular one in Indonesia. Everybody was asking about the answer of the game on the social media. It was addicting, very sharable, and make you wait for more and more updates.

As this article is written, it has about 10 million to 50 million downloads in Google Play Store.

Download Tebak Gambar: Android (Free) / iOS (Free)

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Tahu Bulat

From meme to a local sensation. Tahu Bulat took inspiration from local street food called tahu bulat or Round-shaped Tofu. Similar to what is represented in game, tahu bulat is distributed by pick up cars.

Tahu Bulat was released in May 2016. The local content that the game brought really clicked with the local market and became a viral game throughout the year, even until 2017. Own Games eventually released a spin-off and a sequel to this game with Akang Tahu Bulat and Tahu Bulat 2 this year.

Download Tahu Bulat: Android (Free) / iOS (Free)

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TTS Lontong

TTS Lontong takes inspiration after a comedy quiz on television called Waktu Indonesia Bercanda (Indonesia Joking Time). This show challenges its celebrity participants to answer crossword puzzles with twisted and funny answers. Often, the answers make the participants argue angrily (and funny) to Cak Lontong, the host of the show.

Thus the name TTS Lontong, or crosswords Lontong.

This game actually isn’t an official game from the show or Cak Lontong himself, but Cak Lontong has recognized the game and gave permission for the developers to release it. At the time this article is written, TTS Lontong has downloaded about 1 million to 5 million times in Google Play Store.

Download TTS Lontong: Android (Free) / iOS (Free)


Telolet Bus Driving 3D

viral indonesian mobile games

Another game to ride a trending topic in the late 2016 and early 2017 was Om Telolet Om. It was a viral social media phenomenon involving screaming kids on a roadside, holding a sign written “Om Telolet Om” to bus drivers. Then the attentive bus drivers will turn the special “telolet” horn on for them.

Such was the virality of Om Telolet Om, many international musicians and netizens knew it.

Meanwhile, an Indonesian developer, LOCOS, took their chance and made a driving simulator called Telolet Bus Driving 3D. While many developers had tried making the same kind of games, Telolet Bus Driving 3D stood out for their good graphics, gameplay, and control.

By the time this article is up, Telolet Bus Driving 3D reached a total of  5 million downloads in Google Play Store.

Download Telolet Bus Driving 3D: Android (Free)

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So those are the top five viral Indonesian mobile games. There are some more games that gained viral status. However, those five so far have the most downloads than any other “viral” games.

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