Wind Rider Racing, a New Mobile Game Based on an Indonesian Popular Comic Book!

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Read the comic and play the game!

Wind Rider is one of Indonesian comic books that was very popular back in 2005. Because its popularity, KOLONI remastered this comic book, and released it last July. This new comic book comes with some gimmicks, such as an augmented reality technology in its cover. This technology makes the skybike in the cover comes to life.

Not only in form of remastered comic book, one of the Indonesian game developers, Krunchisoft also makes a mobile game based on this IP. Titled Wind Rider Racing, this game is a perfect match for the fans who loved the comic book so much.

Wind Rider Racing

As the title suggests, this game’s genre is racing. You can control a character (or rider in this game) to ride their Skybike through a fantasy world-based level. You can control the rider to be the fastest in Aeropolis, and also avoid the obstacles.

There are six riders with their own unique skybikes that you can upgrade to make it stronger and faster. They are:

Wind Rider Racing

  • Roulette Otovic – SkyBike: Hurricane
  • Mel Julikova – SkyBike: Cyclone
  • Red Baron – SkyBike: Tornado
  • Griffin Vorkowski – SkyBike: Typhoon
  • Sasha Ingebolt – SkyBike: Gale
  • Sky Clown – SkyBike: Twister

Wind Rider Racing

And also, you can race in six different places with different levels of difficulty. They are:

  • Aeropolis Moskova
  • Mega Aeropolis Rostov
  • Aeropolis Belyvo
  • Sky Border
  • Vladistan
  • Valley Of The Broken Wings

Wind Rider Racing

Not all of this stages is available for you to play at the beginning. You should win the previous stage three times to unlock the next stage. Or if you want, you can unlock the stage by in-app purchase that is provided in this game. You need 1500 gems to unlock all of the stages.

The game’s control is quite simple. To move the skybike, you can touch the up and down virtual button. You can move up and down to avoid the obstacles and enemy’s shoot. Also, you can use limited Evade button to avoid the obstacle easier.

There’s also Turbo button that you can use to increase the skybike’s speed after you collect 10 crystals. After using the Turbo for 10 seconds, you can use Hyper, a form of special skill from each rider.

Wind Rider Racing

In conclusion, this is one of the great ways to promote each other. The comic’s fans can get something new to check about their favourite IP, and the game can get new market that is the fans of the comic book itself.

You can download Wind Rider Racing for free through the link below. Also, you can check the comic, Wind Rider: Sky Age through this link.

Download Wind Rider Racing: Android (Free)

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