Burst Fighter is Now Available to Play on Steam!

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Finally, Magesoft’s game, Burst Fighter is officially here!

Finally, Burst Fighter is now available to play! Magesoft’s shoot ’em up (SHMUP) game is now available to play through Steam.

Burst Fighter is a galactical shooting game that is similar to Raiden but with higher quality graphics. Magesoft, the developer of the game went through various testing until finally, it is available to play.

When playing the demo a couple weeks back, I really hoped that this game would be official. I had a good time playing the demo and if you are curious what it’s like, you can check my article about it.

Burst Fighter is now available

Anyway, if you are into SHMUP games, then this game is a must play. The story is basically about Planet Zirodia. It was once a peaceful planet when an invasion by mechanical alien species occurred.

Your fellow human race and you found a blueprint of a technology that could overcome invader’s forces. You then will guide human beings to fight the alien invaders.

Hopefully, It’s Better Than the Demo

Burst Fighter is now available

As I stated in the demo review, the only thing that had me worried was the basics of the gameplay. I think that players should be given a brief tutorial and basic knowledge on what objects are what, which items we should collect and dodge, and also our main objective.

Nevertheless, I think that Magesoft will make changes to a couple of things. We personally have not tried the game itself but we expect a review of the full version in the upcoming month.

The creators of this game itself are teamed up in Magesoft. They are Indonesian game developers based in Malang, East Java. They describe the developer company as “A passionate game studio, band of gamers. Recreate imagination to life”.

Sinc Burst Fighter is now available. if you are eager on playing and supporting the Indonesian game industry, then you can go straight to the game’s official store and buy through there.

Download Burst Fighter: PC (IDR 89,999)




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