Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond Reaches Its Kickstarter Goal with 9 Days to Go

By Arya Wibowo

Ekuator Games’ latest Kickstarter project, Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond, has reached its Kickstarter goal worth of USD15,000 with 9 days to go.

Ekuator Games’ latest Kickstarter project, Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond, has reached its Kickstarter goal worth of USD15,000. This classic RPG gained adequate backings with 9 days to go in the campaign.

Congratulations to Ekuator Games, as their second game, Celestian: Realms Beyond, has reached its Kickstarter goal! The second game of the Celestian Tales trilogy gathered USD15,604 from 605 backers (as this article is written). Not only from the gaming community, Kickstarter also “backed” this project by included it in their “Project We Love” list.

The goal is not as big as their previous project, but it’s because they only need less fund.

“We only need that amount of fund. In (Celestian Tales) Old North, we worked from scratch, so we needed more money. This time we almost did it, and we used the money from the previous product,” Cipto Adiguno, CEO of Ekuator Games, explained.

Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond continues the story of its prequel, Celestian Tales: Old North. But if you didn’t have the chance to play the prequel, Ekuator Games says that it is not a problem because they designed Realms Beyond to accommodate new players into the setting. At the beginning, you will get questions about what happened in the past, which defines how the world of Realms Beyond is shaped.

Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond as a whole offers the same premise as the previous game, with a turn-based tactical combat system, a multi-branch story, and multiple point-of-views. There are several upgrades though, with smoother battle, better UI, improved interiors, and more.

From its several features, Ekuator Games will definitely promise us a rich story driven game.

In the art department, Realms Beyond boasts beautiful hand-made paintings as its environments, backgrounds, and characters.

Celestian tales: Realms Beyond

Celestian tales: Realms Beyond

Ekuator Games have some experience, good and bad, in Kickstarter. While two of their latest projects got financial help, their first one was a failure. It was the first Celestian Tales: Old North project, which was started in 2013, that did not reach the goal.

But from that, they actually gathered a community of gamers who still believed in the game, and eventually, some people gave them financial aid. A year later, they tried it one more time and delivered, with a total of NZD60,630 pledges from 1,311 backers. When it launched, it also received some good critics and won a local game dev award (GDG Awards 2015) as the Game of the Year and Best Narrative.

Celestian Tales’ Sequel: Realms Beyond Started Its Kickstarter Campaign

Celestian Tales: Old North's sequel Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond started its campaign on Kickstarter this August and supports had been flooded in since.

As for the release date, Cipto explained, “The difficult part is over, so it is approximately 60% ready. We target February release so we can promote it at Pax East (if we come).”

Kickstarter Page: Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond

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