Talents for The Future! Here Are The Winners of Compfest 9 Indie Game Ignite

By Arya Wibowo

Compfest 9 Indie Game Ignite was joined by indie game developers from all around Indonesia. Here are the winners from all categories!

Compfest 9 Indie Game Ignite was joined by indie game developers from all around Indonesia, some with highly polished graphics and interesting gameplay. Here are the winners from many categories!

The competition, which included Competitive Programming Contest, App Innovation Challenge, and so on, started with an open submission on May 7 to June 11, 2017. The finalists were announced on August 27, 2017, and the main competition itself was held on September16-17, 2017.

So here are the winners of Compfest 9 Indie Game Ignite!

Indie Game Ignite (IGI)

From 200 submissions, the list drew up 15 teams. These teams were chosen to be the finalists of Indie Games Ignite. From those finalists, selections were made for Game of The Year, Game of The Year’s Runner-Up, Game of The Year Second Runner Up, Best Visual, Best Audio, Best Game Mechanic, and Rising Star.

Game of The Year

Team: Joyseed Gametribe

Game: Hollywhoot (Android)

Members: Bernardus Boy Dozan Poerniawan, Joseph Putra Wibawa, Andreas Riccardi

Hollywhoot is a game where you’re going to be an aspiring movie director. You start your directing career from zero, with actors and actress that you recruited (also from zero). It is an idle and time management game, where you must upgrade your studios and level up your actors and actress to advance.

The interesting part of Hollywhoot is you can experiment what kind of actors you’re going to have. You can level up their certain attributes, and they will evolve according to those attributes into an action hero, drama king, comedy guys, and so on.

Game of The Year Runner-Up

Team: Grim Pros

Game: Roojack (PC)

Members: Vincentius Madya Putra, Indramawan, Adrian Restu Putranto

Roojack is a beatifully made puzzle game with interesting mechanics. You control two characters with different roles and effects on an environment. To solve the puzzle, you must use both of them and their powers wisely.

Game of The Year Second Runner Up

Team: Rolling Glory Jam

Game: Salah Sambung (Android)

Members: Petrus Narwastu, Muhammad Hasby, Dinia Ridanti

Salah Sambung brings you the experience of texting your crush, with no consequences (at least in real life). The difference from similar games is this game lets you collect the girls’ photos if you succeed in flirting with her. Do you have what it takes to play this game of love?

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Best Visual

Hollywhoot Compfest 9 Indie Game Ignite

Team: Joyseed Gametribe

Game : Hollywhoot (Android)

Members: Bernardus Boy Dozan Poerniawan, Joseph Putra Wibawa, Andreas Riccardi

Best Audio

Team: Simpleton

Game : Paw Paw Paw

Members: Mohammad Rizka, Febri Abdullah, Cladio Aziz

Paw Paw Paw actually is in a tight battle for Best Graphics with Hollywhoot. It has polished graphics, and of course great audio. This hack-and-slash game lets you play as bears with your friends locally. It can support up to 4 players. This, of course, adds more fun to it.

Best Game Mechanic

Compfest 9 Indie Games Ignite

Team: Grim Pros

Game : Roojack

Members: Vincentius Madya Putra Indramawan, Adrian Restu Putranto

Rising Star

Team:  Flip Team

Game : Tap and Switch

Members: Fidelis Yoga Pralista, Kevin Andrean Haryadi

Need a game to kill time? Tap and Switch might be the answer. As you can see above, there are more than 200 block puzzles to solve. More than enough to spend your waiting time, isn’t it?

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