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From Legendary Status to Abandoned – How Are Crowdfunded Games in Indonesia Doing?

By Arya Wibowo

From gaining legendary status to abandoned projects. These are the state of crowdfunded games in Indonesia. Have you backed one of them?

From gaining legendary status to abandoned projects. These are the state of crowdfunded games in Indonesia. Have you backed one of them?

Money from the masses, people now can together make other people’s dreams come true. Crowdfunding, with Kickstarter as the main platform for video games and board games, open the chance for us to invest a creative idea from the beginning.

Great games from crowdfunding, such as Shovel Knight, Pillars of Eternity, Superhot, Banner Saga, FTL: Faster Than Light, and of course Undertale (and many, many more). But there are also risks of (relatively) bad games like Mighty No.9 or even abandoned projects where the developer can’t deliver the game at all.

Here, we are going to list (hopefully) all of the crowdfunding projects from Indonesia that are successful in terms of funding. Then, we categorized them into three categories: delivered, on progress, and abandoned. Most of them are from Kickstarter, while only one project from Indiegogo.

So here they are, successful crowdfunding projects from Indonesian game developers:



DreadOut - Digital Happiness


DreadOut is a horror game that taking Indonesian ghosts to the fore. You can encounter ghosts like kuntilanak, pocong, and other ghosts from Indonesian folklore. To survive, you are equipped with a “magic smartphone” and shot the ghosts with the phone’s camera.

DreadOut is the first Indonesian made game ever to conduct crowdfunding campaign. It was even before Kickstarter was a hit (at least in Indonesia). It also kickstarted many local developers to try their luck in crowdfunding.

They made a campaign in Indiegogo, in 2013. Their goal was US$25,000 and the goal realization was US$29,067.

The game eventually came out with much hype. The first act of DreadOut was released on 15 May 2014, then followed by the second act on 14 February 2015. Fun fact: 15 May 2014 in Javanese tradition was “night of Kliwon Friday”, a mystical moment for some Indonesians, especially from Javanese origin. The second act release date, 14 February 2015, was meant to ruin your Valentine with horror.

It gained IDR1 billion (approximately USD150,000 at that time’s currency) gross revenue only one month from release. A very good return for an Indonesian developer.

From there, Digital Happiness released some spin-offs from DreadOut, such as action packed Keepers of the Dark and DreadOut VR. DreadOut, with its many limitations, I think is a legendary game and inspired gamers and developers in Indonesia. It will be remembered for a long time.

Download DreadOut: Steam

Celestian Tales: Old North - Ekuator Games

Celestian Tales Old North

Celestian Tales: Old North‘s development has ups and downs. When it first campaigned in Kickstarter in 2014, it failed. But that was a blessing in disguise. The campaign garnered supporters and even fund donors for them.

This gives Ekuator Games more drive to develop the game further. In the next year, they relaunched their Celestian Tales: Old North Kickstarter campaign with much success. They gathered more than 200 percent of their goal, which was NZ$ 30,000 (equivalent to approximately US$22,000). They got NZ$60,630 in their pocket.

The game eventually released on 10 August 2015. It got some awards from local events, such as Game of the Year and Best Narrative from GDG 2015.

Download Celestian Tales: Old North: Steam

Target Acquired - Touchten Games

Target Acquired - Touchten Games

What will come out from a combination of Mega Man and endless runner? You can say it is Target Acquired. It is an endless runner with female robot character with a Mega Man-esque blaster gun. And yes, you can charge it too. Touchten even acquired the service of Manami Matsumae, the composer of the original Mega Man series.

Touchten Games, one of more established game developers in Indonesia, tested their might in the crowdfunding scene. It had a modest target, only US$10,000, but they succeeded to gather more than twice of the amount which is US$20,470.

Download Target Acquired: Android / iOS

Chemcaper - ACE Ed-Venture Studio/Artoncode

Chemcaper has a pretty unique genre. It is an educative RPG, which will teach you chemistry in a very fun way you can imagine. It is co-developed by ACE Ed-Venture Studio (Malaysia) and Artoncode (Indonesia).

Their Kickstarter campaign was launched in January 2016. The goal was US$50,000 and at the end reaped US$55,564.

Download Chemcaper: Android / iOS

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