Secret Game Marketing Tips From Indomie, World’s Best Selling Instant Noodle (Part 1)

By Irwanto Widyatri

Besides its delicious taste, Indomie also has the secret marketing strategy that we can implement to our game marketing’s strategy.

Besides its delicious taste, Indomie also has a “secret” marketing strategy that is implementable for our game marketing.

Indomie is, arguably, the best selling instant noodle in the world. Starting its business in Indonesia, this Indofood’s product, then, expands its market to other Asian countries, Europe, and Africa. Not only is it very delicious, but its marketing strategy is also unique and implementable for game marketing.

The Business Insider’s data below proves that Indomie is one of the 10 most purchased brand in the world. They can reach it with some unique strategy to penetrate the market. We can implement Indomie’s strategy to our game marketing to get more installations and to increase the retention.

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As one of the Indomie’s big fans, I learned a lot about their marketing strategy. And it inspired me to write this article.

If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good – Bill Gates

That’s one of the wise words from former Microsoft’s CEO that is sometimes forgotten by developers. That quote is also translated well in the Indomie’s packaging design as you can take a look below.

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Imagine if on this package they don’t display eggs and vegetable pictures. Is it still interesting for you? In real life, still, there are so many game developers assume that screenshots and trailers are only formalities. By looking at Indomie’s package, we can learn the important thing about our product’s packaging.

They also keep their bombastic wording. “Lebih besar, lebih nikmat. Lengkap dengan bawang goreng dan saus cabe” (Bigger, more enjoyable. Complete with fried onions and chili sauce). I don’t even know the difference between the Jumbo and the standard one besides its bigger portion.

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And then, continue to the rest of the wording, “Complete with fried onion and chili sauce”. I think that is reasonable because almost each instant noodle includes the fried onion and chili sauce. But this is an example of great wording, so it can influence someone’s decision to choose a product.

Likewise is our game’s screenshots and trailers. Don’t take it for granted. Make it as beautiful as you can, because there are millions game and applications out there that will compete with you to grab users’ attention.

Important Thing about Language and Picture

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Last but not least, use language and pictures that make your target user feel familiar. Like Indomie’s packaging for the Japanese market that you can take a look above.

In this package, you don’t see an egg and vegetables like you see in Indomie’s package for the Indonesian market. By replacing the picture with shrimps, mushrooms, a quail egg and chopsticks, they translate the psychological approach to the Japanese Market. The wording also feels familiar to the target users by using a combination of Kanji and English language.

Sometimes, some game developers forget this thing and use English in all of the materials. Instead of looking cool, the game is baffling the target consumers because some of them might not be fluent in English. So, use the language that makes it easier for your target market to understand your product.

Indonesian Gamers’ Data in 2017 – Consumer Insight

Before releasing a game, developers and publishers should know gamers' behavior. What about Indonesian gamers? Let's take a look at the data provided.

That’s all about the product packaging. In the next article, I will explain about the product distribution. So, stay tuned!

Irwanto Widyatri is the co-founder of Kardus Imajinasi, creator of Tebak Gambar.

Translated from original article. Edited by Devi




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