Game Prime 2017 Best Booth Winner: “We Planned and Built Our Booth in Almost 10 Days”

By Arya Wibowo

We take a closer look on how Visionesia prepared their Crimson451 booth for Game Prime 2017 and their plan for GameStart 2017!

We had an interesting interview with the Best Booth Award winner of Game Prime 2017, Visionesia. We took a closer look on how they prepared their booth for Game Prime 2017 and their plan for GameStart 2017!

If you saw a towering booth with a cyberpunk theme with lots of cables and monitors in Game Prime 2017, that must be the booth by Visionesia, an indie game developer from Bandung. With that kind of booth, it’s hard not to notice them.

The Game Prime Awards 2017 judges didn’t miss it either. They chose Visionesia as the best indie game developer booth in the exhibition. As one of the prize, they won a free booth at the GameStart 2017 for this October.

So we took time to have an interview with the Game Designer of Visionesia, Barli Achmad Jabbar. We asked about the game itself, Crimson451, how they prepared their booth, and what’s their plan for GameStart 2017.

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We take a closer look on how Visionesia prepared their Crimson451 booth for Game Prime 2017 and their plan for GameStart 2017!

Can you tell us about the Crimson451 game? The concept, gameplay, and where it takes inspiration from?

Crimson451 is a side-scroller cyberpunk adventure game, where you can do lots of stuff like fighting, parkour, hacking, and even sabotaging automatons. But the twist is, these activities can only be done by a certain character, so you have to change between characters. We have three characters that could be swapped on gameplay, so imagine Dex meets Trine, then you’ll get Crimson451.

The main inspiration for Crimson451 came from our studio lead, who wanted to make a gripping adventure game without having to include excessive violence and sexual content as the “hook” for players. Instead, we focused on “full experience” concept for this game. It’s going to have a beautiful high-definition artwork, tight gameplay, and stellar audio. We are closely working with renowned Indonesian rock band, Koil, to deliver an audio experience which is never before heard in any Indonesian video game to date.

What was the concept of your booth?

Visionesia Crimson451 Booth Game Prime 2017

The concept was obviously cyberpunk-themed. We wanted to give some feel to the booth so it’s not just a place to showcase our game. This is called “experiential marketing,” where we fully utilize the concept of sense, feel, think, and act, to give a good impression. Just by looking at it, stepping on it, you can already feel the sense of the thrill of the game. We wanted to give that kind of sense to people visiting our booth; the sense of dystopian cyberpunk so that people immersed themselves in the game.

Can you tell us about the preparation of the booth and how you build it?

Visionesia Crimson451 Booth Game Prime 2017

We were working closely with some people, both with Koil and the stage workshop team. It took less than 10 days to complete the booth, from the concept sketch to the actual result. Obviously, the booth came first in the construction plan (see images). The workshop team came first to Balai Kartini, building all the scaffoldings, tables, and display mounts. Then the core team from Bandung came to set up some iMac test unit and also complete the audio-visual display setup.

An interesting part is that we still had to improvise after everything was set. We had to try several speaker setups so we could have an equally loud music coming from our booth. We also borrowed a stage lighting equipment to give a more eerily mysterious feel to the stage. It’s all worth the effort in the end though. We’re all satisfied with the outcome.

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We take a closer look on how Visionesia prepared their Crimson451 booth for Game Prime 2017 and their plan for GameStart 2017!

Visionesia Crimson451 Booth Game Prime 2017

Did you expect your booth to be the best in Game Prime 2017? How do you feel about the award?

We honestly didn’t expect to win this award, although our studio head seemed to be aiming for that in the first place. I think it’s been an honor to be recognized at this particular aspect because it proves that we are serious with Crimson451. And that seriousness was shown clearly at the booth. We came as a fresh face in the industry, but we also wanted to make a statement that we are having an ambitious, no-nonsense project.

You are going to have a booth in GameStart 2017. Will you bring the same concept or do you have something bigger or better? How do you prepare for it?

Obviously, we want to. We have some ideas but must look at the restrictions imposed for the event. Small booth size and not an island-type means we have to cram everything in such a small space. Logistics is an important problem too, and it costs huge to ship all the things from Indonesia to Singapore. If things went downhill from here, we might not gonna make it. But I guess that’s part of the thrill and we have to think of many possibilities.

What do you expect to achieve in Gamestart 2017?

Showcasing our game in Game Start Asia 2017 means we could get to know the ecosystem of Southeast Asia’s video game industry, as well as gathering feedbacks from the international market. We want to promote Crimson451 to wider audiences and hopefully, we can expand our networking with other developers there. But, the important thing is to enjoy every last bit of the event so we could go home without any regrets.

Is there any interesting story when you developed the game or when you prepared for the booth?

Working with Koil, I guess. It’s been fun to work with them. We had a lot of constructive discussions for the project. They have lots of ideas for the music and sound direction. There’s a sense of anticipation from the local music scene, that Koil is going to have a new release with a brand new concept. It’s really exciting.

Overall, this project’s development is progressing quite well. We just tried some new shader and lighting techniques recently and the result is stellar. It looks strikingly different than what we have shown so far. Please expect the drastical change to the game’s aesthetics!

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We take a closer look on how Visionesia prepared their Crimson451 booth for Game Prime 2017 and their plan for GameStart 2017!

It really seems that they were planning the whole thing thoroughly, and with a good help from the local metal band too, which is a fascinating aspect. Let’s hope they can make it to GameStart 2017! Good luck guys!

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