BEKRAF and AGI Show Their Support to Indonesia’s Game Industry Through Archipelageek Booth in TGS 2017

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

This kind of support will open the chance of collaboration between Indonesia and Japan’s game industry.

Indonesia’s government through Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (or BEKRAF) and Asosiasi Game Indonesia (AGI) show their support again to the game industry by inviting them to join Tokyo Game Show 2017 (TGS 2017)!

This is not the first time for Indonesia’s game developers to participate in TGS. Last year, they also participated under the name of Indonesia’s Game Industry. So far, this year is the 6th participation in a row for Indonesia’s game industry in this event.

archipelageek tgs 2017

Indonesia Game Studios in TGS 2015

Under the name of Archipelageek, there will be six developers and publishers to showcase their products. Archipelageek itself is the BEKRAF and AGI’s program to supports indie game developers in game and pop culture events, both locally and internationally. Before TGS 2017, Archipelageek already made its debut in one of the biggest pop culture events in Indonesia, PopCon Asia last August.

Archipelageek itself is a window of opportunity for game developers to be exposed to the wider creative industries, such as comics and toys. The Archipelageek’s main goal is to accelerate Indonesia’s game industry faster than before.

archipelageek tgs 2017

Archipelageek in PopCon Asia 2017

In TGS 2017, Archipelageek’s booth will exist in Asia New Stars Area. Six developers and publishers will participate, including CIAYO Games, Critical Forge, Anoman Studio, Semisoft, Toge Productions and Megaxus. Plus, the biggest gaming convention in Indonesia, BEKRAF Game Prime will also join the booth.

“Each of the studios exhibits in PopCon has a chance to join Archipelageek TGS 2017,” said Cipto Adiguno from AGI. “4 studios decided to take the chance. They are CIAYO, Critical Forge, Semisoft and Anoman Studio. AGI also gives recommendations to 2 publishers Toge Productions and Megaxus to take part. They have potentials to create high-value business deals in TGS 2017.”

archipelageek tgs 2017

“Also, we invite to bring BEKRAF Game Prime so they can accelerate the development of local gaming events next year,” he continued.

Open the Collaboration Between Indonesia and Japan’s Game Industry

archipelageek tgs 2017

This booth will be open for 4 days, Business Day (21st and 22nd of September) and Public Day (23rd and 24th of September). Cipto also shared his insights about the main goal of this kind of support. “There are 3 goals: showcase products to Japanese market; secure business deals with industry players from Japan; and also build networking to accelerate the growth of Indonesia’s Game Industry,” Cipto said.

“Besides showcasing the products, we also encourage the developers to communicate and be more active to search the deals. In short, this is more important than the showcase itself,” he continued.

Archipelageek, Growing Game Industry Faster Through a Collaboration with Other Creative Industries

Archipelageek program helps game industry to grow faster through a collaboration with other creative industry, such as comics and toys.

Cipto also shared more detail information about the kind of support. “BEKRAF only accommodates the booths and spaces. Tickets and hotels are not included. By this kind of support, it will increase the developers’ motivation to maximize this chance,” he explained.

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