Ex CEO of Square Enix Indonesia Shares About Indonesian Gamers’ Characteristics

By Arya Wibowo

Want to know about the general characteristics of Indonesian gamers? Ryo Teruya, the ex CEO of Square Enix Smileworks shares his insights!

Want to know about the general characteristics of Indonesian gamers? Ryo Teruya, the ex CEO of Square Enix Smileworks shares his insights!

Square Enix is a very well popular company in the game community all over the world. It has released tons of quality games, especially RPG. Series like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Life is Strange, Deus Ex, Hitman, and more are very familiar to us. It, now, has also expanded to mobile games with their flagship franchises.

Not only in Japan, Square Enix also tried to open a branch in Indonesia. In 2013, they built Square Enix Smileworks with Ryo Teruya as the CEO, a Japanese man who fell in love with Indonesia. Unfortunately, Square Enix Smilework’s journey must come to an end in early 2015. Despite of that, Teruya still lives in Indonesia and continues his venture here.

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Before working as the CEO of Square Enix Smileworks, he worked for an online game company from Japan, One-Up, in 2011. It was the one who released Browser Three Kingdoms game. There, Teruya worked as business development for Southeast Asia region and head of Jakarta office.

After One-Up, he decided to stay in Indonesia because he loved it in here and was also curious about the country’s market potential. He then helped to rebuild He also worked as COO at Prodigy Infinitech, the fourth biggest online game publisher in Indonesia back then, in which he was able to multiply their revenue.

With all the experience he has, he became a consultant for several renowned Indonesian game developer. It’s just one of his several works. “Making games is not easy, it is very difficult than everybody thinks. It needs a very high commitment, intellectual hard work, and knowledge. But I see a rise in local community and try to contribute the best I can,” he told

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With his vast experience, he shared his knowledge with us, one of which is the unique differences between gamers from Indonesia and Japan. As we all may know, Japanese game industry is miles away ahead in development progress than Indonesia and South Asia. From that differences, we will be able to determine the specific characteristics of Indonesian gamers.

So according to Ryo Teruya, these are four differences of gamer from Indonesia and Japan:
  1. Indonesian gamers like games with simpler gameplay than Japanese gamers.
  2. Unlike Japanese gamers who like to write Wikis (a collection of facts, guides, and tips for a game, movie, and more), Indonesian gamers tend to keep tips and trick to themselves.
  3. Indonesian gamers love to play with friends and communicate with each other, while Japanes gamers love to play in a calm environment and try to master the game without direct communication.
  4. Indonesian gamers tend to find ways to avoid paying for contents, while Japanese gamers tend to be generous to pay the contents.

Of course those four characteristics are not absolute conditions to each country’s gamers. They were only from Teruya’s observation and experience.

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After years in game industry, now Teruya is trying to take a dive into pet world with a blog named So, why does he turn to fluffy and cuddly animals like dogs and cats?

“I see a big market opportunity in Indonesian game market, but personally I want to focus on ‘social problem solving’. We want to focus on a market that is not well worked on. And apparently, the community is strong,” he said.

“What is outstanding in game market is gamers are very loyal. Unlike other web services like e-commerce (not that this industry is bad), game online players are more involved emotionally. I also see this trend in pet services.“ he added.

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