6 Initiatives from Indonesian Government to Support Game Industry

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Here are the list of events that were supported by the Indonesian Government to to support game industry.

Indonesian Government’s initiative to support game industry has been implied through various ways. While most of the ways were implied through events, some are not. provides you with a list of 6 Indonesian government initiatives to support game industry below:


BEKRAF Game Prime

Indonesian Government Initiative

Indonesian government supports the game industry through probably most popular game event in Indonesia BEKRAF Game Prime. Game Developer Gathering (GDG) was the name of the previous event and it has been held since 2009. Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) has only been its main sponsor since 2016. Hence, the name BEKRAF Game Prime.

The second edition of BEKRAF Game Prime, which was also its latest event, was held last July. It is where not only became a place to meet fellow game industry stakeholders and create networks, in addition, it is a place for gamers to have fun and play games all day long. As a result, more than 13.000 attendees came and visit.



Indonesian Government Initiative

Archipelageek is a program that supports local game developers. Indiesche Partij was the event’s previous name. BEKRAF also supported this event.

There are a series of selection and category for Archipelageek. Four slots for the best mobile games, four slots for best PC / console games, and four slots for the most anticipated game. Therefore, only 12 developers are able to exhibit their game in Popcon Asia 2017.

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BEKRAF Developer Day

Indonesian Government Initiative

Three groups are the creator of BEKRAF Developer Day. They are BEKRAF, Dicoding (platform developer), and AGI (Indonesia Games Association). The event itself is a roadshow event that focuses on application, web, Internet of Things (IoT) and games.

Attendees which are mainly young teenagers will hear the experience shared by senior developers. The goal of BEKRAF Developer Day is to make young generation more interested in the world of digital development and games.


Indonesia Game Studio @TGS

Indonesian Government Initiative

Indonesia Game Studio is a booth that consists of games developed by Indonesian locals. This booth is showcased in one of Asia’s biggest game show, Tokyo Game Show (TGS). Developers will then showcase their booth since the first day.

BEKRAF (previously known as PAREKRAF) were the ones responsible for delivering developers since 2012. This event is the most noteworthy event for developers because they get to travel to Japan and meet other notable developers and publishers.


Indonesian Game Rating System

Indonesian Government Initiative

If in the US you have ESRB and in Europe you have PEGI, Indonesia has IGRS. It is a game rating system released by the Ministry of Communication and Information in mid-2016.

The main focus of rating system is to give an idea for parents on what games their kids can play. There are five types of classification which are ages 3+, 7+, 13+, 18+, and SU (all ages).


Creative Economy Book

Indonesian Government Initiative

The last Indonesian Government initiative to support game industry is via a book. The title of the book is Ekonomi Kreatif: Kekuatan Baru Indonesia Menuju 2025. In English, it reads Creative Economy: Indonesia’s New Power progressing to 2025.

PAREKRAF (The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy – now BEKRAF) and are some of the writers of the book. It consists of five chapter that states Indonesia’s next step in the creative industry.

Those were the list of initiatives of Indonesian Government. In conclusion, hopefully, we can see gaming industry improve in the near future for Indonesia. But so far, it seems like Indonesia is going on the right direction.

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