Legrand Legacy Demo Review: Brings Back Old Memories of Classic JRPGs

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Legrand Legacy is definitely on my top list of want to play games for this year. Therefore I want to share my thoughts about it.

Legrand Legacy is definitely on my top list of wanted to play games of this year. Now, i have been playing its beta version for about an hour. Therefore I want to share my thoughts about it.

I made a an article of my first impression playing Legrand Legacy during BEKRAF Game Prime 2017, so if you are curios about it, do check that out. But anyways let’s head straight to the topic.

Legrand Legacy

In Legrand Legacy, you start off with a scene centering a man with blue hair. He is helpless and is thrown to a vicious gladiator. One thing for sure, this game wants you to know it has some gory contents. This is obvious when the gladiator rips off a a woman’s head and bashing it to the ground.

Legrand Legacy

I then found out that I am facing this gladiator one on one. I am glad there is a tutorial system that tells me to attack and defense. Since the very beginning, Semisoft wants you to know the mechanism of the game, especially the ACT feature.

ACT stands for Action Circle Tempo (ACT) where you have to act by pressing a button at the right time and your timing plays a role in how much damage you deliver. The more perfect your timing, the more damage you will deliver and the higher chance you won’t miss.

Legrand Legacy

The next thing I know, this man which I later know was named Finn had just surprisingly won the battle. I also just realize that Finn is a slave. But not when an old man named Geddo approaches Finn’s master to free him.

The Adventure Starts

Finn and Geddo later embark on a journey together, and this is where I learn more about the gameplay itself. Similarly with Final Fantasy where you fight as a group, in Legrand Legacy, position does matter.

Legrand Legacy

You need to carefully place your characters whether up front or behind. This is because you must attack enemies up front first before you can attack enemies at the back. Other than basic attacks, there is also an attack using magic or in this case, Grimoire.

Both basic attacks and Grimoire have a unique cycle, where one element or type will take advantage of the other. For example, fire type will make more damage to earth type, whereas fire type takes more damage from water type. The same goes for weapon types. Hammers will do more damage against swords whereas a spear do more damage to hammers.

Legrand Legacy

After fighting your way in the desert, you will realize that Finn and Geddo gains experience after finishing a fight. These experience will help to level up and spend points on a certain skill attribute. You need to allocate the points wisely because it will determine what type of a fighter you will be once you move forward.

The first hour of me playing Legrand Legacy basically teaches me what the game is all about and how the gameplay is like. This is great because some games just don’t give well enough explanation during tutorials.

Legrand Legacy First Impression: Stunning Graphics and Intense Gameplay!

Legrand Legacy, a game developed by Indonesian developers based in Bandung, Semisoft and TInker Games is set to release their Beta preview in Steam.

One thing that I am most curious about when I play this game is the story. I find the story really amusing and can’t wait to discover about the further land of Legrand and the stories to come.

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