Indonesian Gamers’ Data in 2017 – Consumer Insight

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Before releasing a game, developers and publishers should know gamers’ behavior. What about Indonesian gamers? Let’s take a look at the data.

Before releasing a game, developers and publishers should know the gamers’ behavior. What about Indonesian gamers? Let’s take a look at the data provided by Newzoo and Fortumo below.


One thing that we should know before releasing a game in a country is the gamers themselves. We should know what is the gaming trend in their community. And also, we should learn what we must do to reach more gamers after we launch our game.

In this article, we want to show you a little bit insight about the Indonesian gamers’ behavior. This data based on a survey from Newzoo published on their site early June, and also from Fortumo. So, let’s take a look the details below.


Indonesia is The #16 Biggest Market in the World

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As the most populated country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has the biggest number of gamers. By the end of 2017, there will be approximately 43.7 million gamers in Indonesia, spending a total of $880 million only for games. This makes Indonesia #16 worldwide in terms of game revenues.

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But sadly, still, only 1% of that revenue goes to locally-made games. The other 99% percent goes to international games for all platform, ranging from mobile, PC to console.


Male vs Female

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Like in other countries, male gamers are still dominating the market. For example, males make up the 56% of the PC/laptop gamer population, comparing to 44% of female gamers.

If we look at the chart above, we can see that the 26% are males aged between 21-35. For the female, this age range is also the biggest number among the others with 21%. It means that teenagers and middle-aged people are still the biggest target market for developers or publishers who want to release their games in Indonesia.


How Effective is a Youtube Channel?

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Let’s play and walkthrough videos are very popular among those who watch gaming video content. Approximately, two-thirds of them (or the 66%) watching these videos to support their games. This is a good news for video creators to make more contents for gaming.


What About Cross-Platforming?

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This data proves that around 45% gamers in Indonesia play cross-platform games. They play games at least on three platforms: mobile (iOS/Android), PC and console. It’s a good news for developers who want to make a multiplatform game or port their games to other platforms.


What is The Biggest Telco Provider for DCB?

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Data by Fortumo

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is the 3rd most popular payment method for digital goods, including games. Telkomsel is the biggest telco provider in Indonesia with the biggest market share also in Indonesia by 45%. Followed by Indosat in 2nd place with 22%, and then Hutchinson (3) and XL share the same spot with 14%. This data collected by Fortumo in 2016.

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