Reaching to the Masses through Fellow Gamers: 10 Influential Gamers in Indonesia

By Arya Wibowo

Need some preferences to an alternative way to market your games? These influential gamers in local Indonesia gaming community might be interested.

Need some preferences to an alternative way to market your games? These influential gamers in local Indonesia gaming community might be interested.

YouTubers and professional gamers have a huge influence in the gaming community. Games that they play may influence the games that their followers play. From popular games such as Grand Theft Auto V and Goat Simulator to obscure poo throwing game, they give viewers not only entertainment but also new game preferences.

An existing example is DreadOut which was played by PewDiePie. After this controversial Swedish YouTuber played DreadOut, the hype and interest towards this game just boomed. DreadOut has become a hit since then. Various Indonesian YouTubers also played this game and have surely made positive impacts towards the game.

There are many influential gamers in Indonesia, but here we sort out the ones who are most influential. To measure it, we look at the number of their subscribers on YouTube and as for eSport influencer, their achievement as pro gamers.

So here are 10 of the most influential gamers in Indonesia:


Reza 'Arap' Oktovian

In this list, Reza Arap boasts the most subscribers from his YouTube channel. As the article is written, he hasĀ 1.591.612 subscriber in his channel.

Reza Arap is known for his super frontal language in his videos. He plays various games, but he mainly plays horror. As a “frontman” of Indonesian gaming YouTube community, he usually collaborates with other YouTubers, not only gamers, but also from other topics and genre.

He may have a super huge number of followers, but if you want Arap to be your brand ambassador, be careful. Especially if you have a “delicate” branding. But if you’re okay with his foul language, then he will be a great influencer.

YouTube Channel: Reza “Arap” Oktovian


Bayu Skak

Bayu Skak channel largely is a comedy channel, but he also covers a little bit of game. So far, he owns 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube.

Bayu Skak offers fresh daily life jokes. He mostly uses Javanese as his main language, it is one of the traditional languages of Indonesia. Even though he doesn’t speak Indonesian in his videos, viewers can still understand them from the subtitles.

Bayu Skak started to make YouTube videos when he was just a high-school student with his buddies and formed the SKAK team (Sekumpulan Anak Kesel a.k.a a group of tired people). When the team split up due to graduation, Bayu continued making videos until now.

YouTube Channel: Bayu Skak


Tara Arts Game Indonesia

From a number of subscribers, Tara Arts Game Indonesia comes third with more than 621 thousand (at the moment this article is written). He also has other channels like Tara Arts Network and Tara Arts Movies which have more than 400 thousand subscribers summed together.

He usually collaborates with Gema Show and Ami Taba, playing different kinds of games, from PC to console. His style is funny, cuddly (because he is chubby), and friendly. He connects well with his audience through his Facebook Group, which by far the largest gamers community group from Indonesia in Facebook.

YouTube Channel: Tara Arts Game Indonesia

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Miauw Aug

As this article is written, Miauw Aug has more than 991 thousand subscribers. He plays mostly mobile and PC games.

Miauw Aug first known from his mobile games videos, especially from Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Nowadays, he also covers PC games with random genres.

YouTube Channel: Miauw Aug



Pokopow so far has 471 thousand subscribers. He plays various games, especially PC games. He also likes to do PC and gadget reviews. There are few mobile games contents too.

Aside from gaming, Pokopow has some interest in pop culture and has some vlogs about pop culture related events such as AFAID, Popcon, etc.

YouTube Channel: Pokopow

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