Almighty Fantasy Clicker Game Review: Not Your Original Clicker Game

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

While you might be thinking that a clicker game can only be played by clicking, you will be amazed at what you can do in Almighty Fantasy Clicker Game.

What comes to your mind when you first see a clicker game? Well, you might think that the game is basically played by clicking, clicking, clicking, and clicking. Yet it is not for Almighty Fantasy Clicker Game.

Almighty Fantasy Clicker Game is not your usual clicker game. First of all, a clicker game is basically a type of game where your primary goal is to click as many as you can in order to achieve further into the game. Why is Almighty Fantasy Clicker Game not a usual clicker game? Here’s why:


There is not much to say about the story. You play as an almighty ruler of a well-known realm. However, a catastrophic event nearly destroyed all over your kingdom. What’s even worse is that there is another entity trying to steal your followers.

Your goal in this game is to make as many people follow and worship you and prove yourself that you are the one and only almighty, ruler of the Realm. But doing so takes time and patience.


By tapping your finger to your device, you will gain worshipers. But there is more than just that. There are a lot of options you can go by in this game. You can choose which path you want to go. For example, you can choose to join the Light Side or the Shadow Side. This will make you chose what kind of gameplay and theme you would like to play. We, for example, joined the Shadow side, because, why not?

Not only that, you can also build mythical structures to gain prayers without tapping, and unleash ultimate power through a selection of glorious spells. You can also upgrade these structures and also use power-ups.

There are quite a few options for power-ups. Basically, it will give you a bonus on gaining more followers. The “Hold Finger” power-up, for example, lets you just hold your finger for a period of time and you will continuously gain followers without clicking. But of course these power-ups have cooldowns and you can’t use them every time.


Almighty Fantasy Clicker Game

Like we said in the beginning of the article that this game is not just an ordinary clicker game. Alegrium, the Indonesian developer behind Almighty Fantasy Clicker Game did a great job in creating an exciting game albeit being dubbed as a clicker game.

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If you want to support Alegrium, you can download the game to your iPhone and iPad. For more info, you can visit Alegrium’s official page.

Almighty Fantasy Clicker Game Download: iOS (Free)




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