6 Tips on How to Build a Profitable Mobile Game or Application

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Try to do these 6 things to make your game more profitable!

How to build a profitable gaming app in mobile? Here are some of the Google’s tips on how to do this.

There are some reasons on how a gaming application become successful and profitable. It can come from the quality of the game itself, riding the wave of a trend that suddenly appears when the game is released, or you can hit the right market with the right marketing strategy.

profitable gaming app

In a panel that was held in the SEA Summit 2017 last week, Guy Charusadhikarul (Business Development Manager from Google Play), Nopparat Yokubon (SEA/AUNZ Dev Lead from Google), and Guy Newton (SEA Monetisation Partnership Manager from Google) shared some insights on how to make your gaming app more profitable.

Here are some key points on how to build a profitable gaming application.

Know Your Strong Points

profitable gaming app

There are a lot of genres and platforms, know your strong points and continue to focus on that. Try to figure out your strong points by doing some ways; you can start to do a soft-launching and see the outcome as a testing experiment. You should Invite other people to play the game and see how they react naturally. Are they enjoy playing your game? Did it already meet your expectation?

Choose The Right Target to Test Your Game

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One element you should know to test your game is, know where your target market is. For example for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre like Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor, you could test it in a country with a lot of MOBA enthusiast like Philippine and Indonesia.

Being Clear About What You Want to Test

profitable gaming app

If you want to test if there is a bug, you can ask for feedbacks from players. You can also ask for feedback if there’s any request for new features, gameplay tweaks, etc.

Try to Predict What the Users Want

profitable gaming app

Source: Macworld

You should predict what is the users want from your game. For example, how they purchase something from your game. If they want to purchase because of ads, then use ads. Using data analytic about it and what is going on the game is important so you can make decisions.

Pay Attention for the Key Metrics

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There are some key metrics that you should know. For example, you should know the retention or churn rate to know more about how good is your game keep the player engaged and makes them come back regularly to play.

Advertising Campaign

Besides advertising only (either digitally or physically), you can also know about your media; what media is the most efficient and influence people the most for your advertising.

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