Cat Quest Review: An Ameowzing and Fun Action RPG for Mobile

By Arya Wibowo

Cats and dragons, who would have thought that these two can be archenemies? Only in Cat Quest, a game from Singaporean developer, you can see cats fighting dragons in a world full of cat puns.

Cats and dragons, who would have thought that these two can be archenemies? Only in Cat Quest you can see cats fighting dragons in a world full of cat puns.

Cat Quest is an action RPG from Singapore based developer, The Gentlebros. In this game you must slay dragons, save the girl, help people, and eventually save the world. There are three version of Cat Quest: Android, iOS, and Steam. In here, I played the Android version.

So the tail, I mean tale, of Cat Quest revolves around a cat called Dragonblood (I bet he can shout puss-ro-dah). Your character is silent and accompanied by a talkative cat spirit who act as his spokesman.

The story revealed when your character’s sister was catnapped by the evil Drakoth. Drakoth blasted the Dragonblood’s ship into the deep sea, but he survived and saved by the spirit. The catventure then began, and you can explore the open world of Felingard.

Cat Quest is a non-linear action RPG where you can roam wherever you like and do side quests to reveal the hidden stories of Felingard that supports the main quest story. Early main quest even suggests you to do the side quests first. Every side quest has a level prediction. If you do a quest that has lower or is in an equal level to you, then it would be relatively easier, and vice versa.

Cat Quest Village

Every village has an inn and missions to offer.

As you can see above, Cat Quest is full of cat puns (and I like it furry much, I’m not sorry) and I can’t hold the temptation to use them myself. So pawrdon my choice of words, because catpuns intended.

The Gentlebros as the developers of Cat Quest said that they take inspirations from Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Skyrim. The influence of those games is so pronounced, especially in the story, fighting, and dungeon systems.

In Cat Quest, you fight in real-time against many kinds of monsters. You can fight with mewlee weapons and meowgic. For melee attacks, you can tap on the enemy to lock on them and the Dragonblood will hit it continuously until you tap somewhere else.

As for magic, you can chant them by tapping and holding on your character. The magic menu will pop up and you can slide your finger to your magic of choice. Each magic has different attack area, e.g. ice magic has vertical attack area, fire magic has circular area, thunder magic has horizontal, and so on. There is also healing and buff magics that you can choose.

New magics can only be obtained by exploring the map and finding the mage building that has a certain magic. You can buy them for a few golds and after that, the magic will be unlocked in other mage building. To upgrade magic, simply buy the upgrade with gold in any mage building.

Cat Quest Magic

From all those magics, only four that you can equip in the battlefield.

Even though it is good to grind your character out, Cat Quest still enables you to slay stronger enemies by counting on your skill. There are an attack pattern and weakness for each enemy. So if you can dodge them all, then any enemy is beatable. Positioning is also vital, thus Cat Quest‘s gameplay even though simple, still needs a strategy.

You got two things that determine your stats. Those are levels and equipment. Levels can be gained by fighting enemies, just like any other RPGs, and equipment can be obtained from treasure chests and stores.

As for the stats, they are HP, attack, magic, and armor. Armor can replenish as time goes by.

These stats and determining factors are very simple, sometimes I wonder if it can be explored further. It reminds me of the flash era action RPGs. But it also becomes Cat Quest‘s own strength. The simplicity connects well with its mobile platform and the upbeat environment.

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Cat Quest Equipment

The sort feature simplifies your equipment choice.

Moving on to story and content. This game has a relatively short story, but it comes with a good twist in the end. It is understandable because even though the main quest is short, you still have some side quests and dungeons to explore.

That being said, I think content wise this game can still bring more stories. There are still many aspects of character backgrounds, misteries, and secrets to unfold. I can feel it when the main quest ends. I still crave more depth and information about the main villain, side characters, and everything. The game has the potential for a more complex universe.

I think (and I hope) The Gentlebros are still pawing new contents for Cat Quests.

Cat Quest Map

In zoom out mode, you can see Felingard from eagle’s eye view.

Traveling in Cat Quest world map may take a while to grasp, because of the limited space of smartphone screen. With the lack of space on the screen, you can view only a narrow space of the environment. The zoom out mode (no complete map available) is also not wide enough. Maybe the developers want players to be challenged, or maybe it’s just the screen limitation.

Anyway, it’s just a matter of time when you know your way around the world of Felingard and ultimately you will get a nice ability that makes you able to travel faster later in the game.

Cat Quest Thunder

From graphics point of view, Cat Quest boast a really polished end product. The upbeat theme of the world give a good vibe when I play it. If some games have a barrier when you want to play because of the dark or stressed out theme, playing Cat Quest need no further consideration. You just need a little urge and click the game’s icon.

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So all in all, Cat Quest feels like a purrfect action RPG game for mobile platform. It comes with a price, but I think it is worth it. Again, that being said, I still hope that The Gentlebros will bring new contents to this highly potential game. It is still has so much space to develop, stories to tell, and misteries to unfold.

Cat Quest Download: Android ($4.99) / iOS ($4.99) / Steam ($12.99)

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