A Raising Simulation Game from Indonesian Developer, Ciel Fledge Starts Its Kickstarter Campaign

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

In this game, you will be given a task to raise an adopted daughter and determine her fate in the future.

Another indie game developer studio from Indonesia, Studio Namaapa started a Kickstarter campaign for their simulation game, Ciel Fledge.

Kickstarter still one of the most favorite platforms for indie game developers to raise funding for their game. Now, an indie game developer from Indonesia, Studio Namaapa is trying to crowdfund their next project, a raising simulation game called Ciel Fledge. What is this game about?

According to its Kickstarter page, Ciel Fledge is a raising simulation game which the objective is to raise your adopted daughter in the span of 10 years. During those 10 years, she will grow into an adult, under your care and guidance. This game takes inspiration from classic raising simulation games such as Princess Maker 2 and Long Live the Queen.

The story of this game starts in the far future. Mankind lives on Arks above the planet’s surface. An outbreak of aliens, spawning from deep inside the core of the planet, has left the Earth’s surface uninhabitable. You play as someone living on Ark 3, one of seven remainings after a surprise alien attack destroys a nearby ark, Ark 5.

ciel fledge

Rescue teams have been working to evacuate the remaining Ark 5 survivors from the wreckage while placing those saved under the care of capable Ark 3 residents. One of them is a little girl who was found stranded on the surface. Now, your task is to raise this little girl and decide her future.

Three Different Gameplays
ciel fledge

Simulation aspect

This game consists of three main gameplay: the simulation aspect, visual novel aspect, and battle aspect in the form of a quick action-puzzle section. In the simulation aspect, you take direct control of parenting your adopted daughter. The visual novel aspect is how the story and dialogue are represented. And, the battle aspect comes in the form of a  complex, match-3-like puzzle game.

ciel fledge

Visual Novel aspect

The simulation aspect definitely is the most interesting part of this game. You can dress your little girl up, control her diet, her weekly activity, and teach her some ability. This game will have multiple endings. So the girl’s future and her capability to defeat the final boss depends on how you raise her and what path you have chosen before.

ciel fledge

Puzzle aspect

Studio Namaapa already started Ciel Fledge‘s Kickstarter campaign on 25th of October, 2017. They set the target of US $5,000 in 30 days to bring this project to life. If you are curious about its gameplay, you can try the demo by downloading it through below link or backing this project up through its Kickstarter link.

Ciel Fledge Demo Download (PC): / GameJolt

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If this project gets successfully funded in 30 days, Studio Namaapa will release Ciel Fledge for PC and Linux through Steam in Q2 2018. Good luck for the campaign!

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