Collaborates with Local Game Company, Japanese Legendary Publisher Denyu-Sha Enters Indonesian Market

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

For their first step, they are set to release a mobile game called Houseki Hunter.

Legendary game publisher from Japan, Denyu-Sha enters the Indonesian market. A mobile game called Houseki Hunter will be their first step.

Denyu-Sha is one of the legendary game publishers from Japan. This company has been established since 2002 in Kyoto and is a long-time partner of Nintendo to develop softwares and hardwares. They also develop some multi-platform games and operates online games.

Looking back at last March 2017, they visited Indonesia and attended Game Networking Jakarta that was held by Nikkei BP and In that event, they searched local partners to publish mobile games in Indonesia. Finally, Shogo Hayashi, the CEO of Denyu-Sha signed a collaboration agreement with one of the local publishers in Indonesia.


For the first step, they will release a mobile game called Houseki Hunter or H2. Houseki Hunter is a card battle game that will be available in Google Play Store and iTunes App Store for free.

Houseki Hunter tells a story about a gripping village threatened by mysterious magical power. Human and fairy live together and cooperates to fight an evil monster. To beat the monster, they should explore the world and get gemstones. The gemstones will be combined with fairy to create new power which gives hope to mankind.


In this game, you will act as a 12-year old kid who lost his father during his adventure. With the help of the fairy, he should battle the monster while collecting the gemstones. The gameplay focuses on speed so the faster you play the cards, the stronger your character will become.

This game is currently in development and is to release this year. Not only publishing, Denyu-Sha also has a focus to develop a game that is targetting Indonesian market in the near future. If you want to know more about Houseki Hunter, you can visit and join its Facebook page.

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