Grimmtale – Red Riding Hood, Mintsphere’s Latest PC Game is (Almost) Set for Release

By Muhammad Bilal Syahrir

Grimmtale – Red Riding Hood is the newest game by Mintsphere. Because of their success with Fallen Legion, now they will take one step further.

Grimmtale – Red Riding Hood is the newest game by Mintsphere. Because of their success with Fallen Legion, now they will take one step further. Check out our exclusive interview with Leon Marcello Sutanudjadja.

Grimmtale – Red Riding Hood is bringing a new gameplay experience for PC gaming. We took an in-depth look at the game via an interview with Leon Marcello Sutandadja. Leon is Project Lead Director as well as Lead Artist for the game.

Can you tell us about the Grimmtale – Red Riding Hood game? From gameplay, inspiration, and story.

Grimmtale – Red Riding Hood is a dungeon crawler genre game that has elements of an action card battle system. The setting of the game itself is basically an adaptation of The Little Red Riding Hood story. Opposite from Little Red Riding Hood where wolves chase her down, in this game, she chases the wolves.

Usually, a dungeon crawler type game’s fight takes place in the map itself. But in Grimmtale – Red Riding Hood, the fight is in a board game with the fast action battle system.

Grimmtale - Red Riding Hood

First look of its Dungen Crawler mode

Once you encounter a pack of wolves during the Dungeon Crawler mode, the game will then shift to combat mode as seen below.

Grimmtale - Red Riding Hood

Wow, so the Red Riding Hood can use various types of weapons?

Yes, this is what we mean by the action card battle system feature that this game offers. Players can collect various types of weapon in the form of a card. Each weapon has three different colors, blue, red, and green.

Like many other games, there is a triangle system where one element or type wins against the other and vice versa. In this game, blue beats red, red beats green, and green beats blue.

Since this includes card game features, do we need to buy card packs in order to get more cards?

No, this will make the experience not so fun. You can actually obtain new cards from wolf drops or by completing each stage. Additionally, you will not get the same card because each stage completion will give different cards.

First Impression and Interview on This Year’s Indonesia Game of the Year: Fallen Legion

Only one game stands out and worthy of receiving the tagline Game of the Year during Game Prime Awards 2017 and that is Fallen Legion.

When are we able to play and how much will it cost?

We are still in search of a publisher but prefer to launch in Q1 of 2018. Hopefully during Game Start Asia 2017 when we display our game, publishers will seek their eyes on it. As for the price itself, It will be near $7.99 (around Rp100.000).

Will Grimmtale – Red Riding Hood continue the success of Fallen Legion? That is a question that will sooner or later be answered. For more info, please visit Mintsphere fan page or head straight to Game Start Asia 2017 which will be held from October 14 to 15 in Singapore.

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