Latest Trend in APAC Gaming Market That Game Developers Should Know

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

By knowing the latest trend in APAC gaming market, the game will hit the right target market.

By knowing the latest trend in APAC gaming market, the game will hit the right target market.

Before developing or releasing a game, every developer should know the target market. Who will be the main target? What’s the behavior? By knowing this, the game that they develop and publish will be right on target.

So in the latest Asia Pacific Game Summit held on September 22, App Annie shared the latest trend in Asia Pacific (APAC) gaming market. This data is very important for all game developers who are targeting Asia Pacific country as the main target of their games.

In his presentation, Hironori Uemura, Senior Business Manager of App Annie Japan said that in average, every gamer plays 4 games a month. But in average, only one game that they play daily. This data also shows the retention is so low because 3 out of 4 games are only played once or twice, and the gamers immediately uninstall them.

Latest Trend APAC Gaming Market

Here’s the interesting news. Later in his presentation, Uemura said the download trends in Japan and United States are still steady. But, surprisingly the number of revenue is still growing. According to Newzoo, the global game market is now over US$100 billion, with Asia Pacific accounting for the largest share around USD$51.2 billion or 47%.

Then, Uemura shared more specific data about Japan. In Japan, now Fate/Grand Order is number one game in iOS and Android based on the revenue. The game is very popular in Japan because the IP has a huge fan base. The revenue itself came from the in-app purchase because this game makes the characters its selling point.

latest trend APAC Gaming Market

Uemura also stated that Japanese market is still tough to penetrate by non-Japanese publishers. So, localization and local partnering are very important for developers who want to publish their games in the Japanese market.

The revenue’s growth is in line with Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). Japan is the second country with the biggest ARPU after China. Japan’s ARPU is also higher than the United States’, although the Japan’s population is less than the United States’.

Latest Trend APAC Gaming Market

Besides Japan, China is also one of the countries highlighted by Uemura. He said that now Chinese companies are trying to find growth currents outside the country itself. The ARPU in the country itself is very high, so now they are trying to find growth currents outside to maximize the revenue.

Indonesian Gamers’ Data in 2017 – Consumer Insight

Before releasing a game, developers and publishers should know gamers' behavior. What about Indonesian gamers? Let's take a look at the data provided.

By knowing this data, developers will know the strategy to publish their games. So, they can make their games hit right on target and later, maximize their revenues.

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