Secret Game Marketing Tips from Indomie, World’s Best Selling Instant Noodle (Part 3)

By Irwanto Widyatri

What is another secret tip from Indomie about game marketing? Here’s the third part of the article about the pricing.

The third part of this secret game marketing tips series is about pricing. How to implement that in our game?

In the previous article, i talked about the packages and how to take ZMOT’s advantages to make our product easier to get. Now, we move on to the next explanation: about pricing. We know that Indomie has affordable prices. According to IDNTimes, Indomie can successfully penetrates Nigeria market that is being hit by economic crisis and survives with its affordable price.

Instant Noodle Price Comparison

Below is the comparison between Indomie’s price with another local instant noodle from Singapore, Prima Taste (on the left) and from Malaysia, Mamee Chef (on the right).

secret game marketing tips from Indomie

Feel surprised? If we compare that price, the price of 30 pack’s Indomie is pretty much same with 4 pack’s Prima Taste. Prima Taste itself have the heaviest weight between the three. So, it is no doubt that the price of one pack Prima Taste is more expensive than one pack of Indomie.

However, people don’t buy smartphones to play games. – Venture Beat

Moving on from the instant noodle comparison, all game developers (specifically mobile phone) is very sensitive about application size. According to Venture Beat, most of people buy handphone to fulfill their primary needs (phone and messaging) instead of playing games. So, the smaller the size of our application or game, the greater the chance for it to be downloaded by user.

Secret Game Marketing Tips From Indomie, World’s Best Selling Instant Noodle (Part 1)

Besides its delicious taste, Indomie also has the secret marketing strategy that can we implement to our game marketing's strategy.

Imagine, who are willing to delete precious moments like family’s or friend’s photos from their smartphone to download our game? You should also be aware of our target market, does it have a stable internet connection? We should build this kind of empathy. Do not only emphasize on the product but think about the user’s convenience too.

We can see from the Indomie’s strategy. It can penetrate the Nigeria market because the price is very affordable for this market.

So, How to Minimize the Application Size?

secret game marketing tips from Indomie

While we develop puzzle games like Tebak Gambar or mystery games like DET: Solve the Mystery, we compress all asset (like picture) using TinyPNG. After that, we compress again the result using ZIP. This is the alternative way if you develop your game using native SDK like Java or in Swift.

If you are a Unity developer, according to Dennis Adriansyah (Founder of Amagine Interactive), you can minimize the asset size by using this software. Besides that, if you develop using Cocos2D-x, Andi Taru (Founder of Educa Studio) share his tips through this link. Those two ways have the same target: to minimize the final application size.

secret game marketing tips from Indomie

Need to minimize it again? Prepare some cloud storage to store your game asset to be downloaded partially after user download your game through the store. Prepare the plan B, if the user has a poor internet connection, they still can play tour game with minimum asset.

Secret Game Marketing Tips From Indomie, World’s Best Selling Instant Noodle (Part 2)

What is another secret tip from Indomie about game marketing? Here's the second part of the article about the distribution channel and ZMOT.

If you can implement that tips, you can minimize your game or application size, and next, increase your downloads and total user.

Irwanto Widyatri is the co-founder of Kardus Imajinasi, creator of Tebak Gambar.

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