10 Southeast Asia’s Best Mobile Games from IMGA SEA 2017 That You Should Play

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

Are you looking for a new game to be installed on your smartphone? Take a look at these 10 best games from Southeast Asia!

Are you looking for a new game to be installed on your smartphone? Here are the top 10 Southeast Asia’s best mobile games from IMGA SEA 2017!

International Mobile Gaming Awards Southeast Asia (IMGA SEA) 2017 already held its 2nd edition in earlier of this month. This event gave 13 awards to 13 best games from Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Postknight from Malaysian game developer, Kurechii won the Grand Prix, the main prize of this awards.

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Apart from the 13 games that got the awards, there were so many beautifully crafted games submitted in this competition. Here, Game Prime Asia choose the top 10 Southeast Asia’s best mobile game that you should take a look and play.


Postknight (Kurechii-Malaysia)

As the Grand Prix winner, this game is a must to try. Postknight is a good example of how to implement a complex RPG with rich features in a small and limited device.

The story of the game is quite simple, but unique. You are playing as a postman delivering mail from one person to another. But you are also a knight who fights against monsters and enemies while you deliver these letters.

Postknight Mobile Game Review: Enjoyable RPG On-the-Go

Postknight is South East Asia's best mobile game for 2017. It was named the best game during the International Mobile Gaming Awards SEA. Here is our review.

The gameplay of the game is what really makes this game so special. It introduces a unique fighting style that no other games have. You basically encounter enemies while continuously move forward. Of course, there are cooldowns for all of these actions. You can reduce the cooldown, increase the damage or reduce the damage using specific items that enemies drop.

Postknight Download: Android (Free) / iOS (Free)


Cat Quest (The Gentlebros-Singapore)

Fun gameplay and cute! Those are the two aspects that make Cat Quest one of our choices in this list. In this game, you must slay dragons, save the girl, help people, and eventually save the world.

In Cat Quest, you fight in real time against many kinds of monsters. You can fight with melee weapons and magic. For melee attacks, you can tap on the enemy to lock on them and the Dragonblood will hit it continuously until you tap somewhere else.

As for magic, you can chant them by tapping and holding on your character. The magic menu will pop up and you can slide your finger to your magic of choice.

Cat Quest Review: An Ameowzing and Fun Action RPG for Mobile

Cats and dragons, who would have thought that these two can be archenemies? Only in Cat Quest you can see cats fighting dragons in a world full of cat puns.

In addition to its fun gameplay and cute theme, Cat Quest is one of the polished mobile game from Southeast Asia that you can find in the store. Kudos for The Gentlebros!

Cat Quest Download: Android ($4.99) / iOS ($4.99) / Steam ($12.99)


Simulacra (Kaigan Games-Malaysia)

Sara is Missing was a big hit when it was released in stores last year. But, Sara is Missing is only the prologue to test the market. Because it got bunches of positive feedback, now Kaigan Games releases the “full version” of the game called Simulacra.

Same as Sara is Missing, in Simulacra you will be playing as someone who find Anna’s lost phone. So, this game recreated a fictional mobile phone and shows it on your phone screen.

You will begin your adventure after finding Anna’s lost phone. Things getting messier after you realize that Anna is missing, and something wrong happens to her. Now, with some clues in her phone and helps from her friends, you must find out what happens to her.

Simulacra Download: Android (US $4.99) / iOS (US $4.99)


Panthera Frontier (Extend Interactive-Thailand)

Panthera Frontier has a unique gameplay that combines strategy, simulation and exploration. Set in a deep space world, in this game you will be playing as an anthropomorphic animal who controls a spaceship.

At the first sight, it might remind you of Faster Than Light. But, this game has many unique features such as split screen combat when you encounter an enemy. Apart from exploring the space and battling with enemy, you should also manage your spaceship. Decide what weapon you should install in your ship, repair the broken room, and also recruit new members to help you control this ship.

Maybe one thing that developer should fix is the low quality of the translation.

Panthera Frontier Download: Android (US $4.99) / iOS (US $4.99)


Alien Path (Appxplore Sdn Bhd-Malaysia)

If you search a mobile game that has a solid puzzle gameplay, you should try this game. Alien Path is a game that combines RPG, puzzle, path-planning, and strategy.

Players must eliminate enemies by cleverly navigating the aliens on a path to destroy the invading robots. With more than 50 power cards, you can combine them into more than 20.000 powers that can make your attack stronger.

Alien Path Download: Android (Free) / iOS (Free)


Desert Island Fishing (Springloaded-Singapore)

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Maybe Desert Island Fishing’s gameplay is more simple than the other games’ in this list. But, this is a great example of a game that you can play directly, without reading or playing the tutorial. That’s why this game successfully got the Best Quickplay Game Award in IMGA SEA 2017.

In this game, you only use one touch to release your fish hook to the sea, and some simple touch to pull it and get the fish. There are many variation of fish you can get depends on the island and the depth of the sea. And also, you can upgrade your gear and power up your character to get bigger fish easily!

Desert Island Fishing Download: Android (Free) / iOS (Free)


Dream Defense (Altitude Games-Philippines)

Maybe the Dream Defense‘s gameplay is not much innovative. But, it has a solid and fun gameplay that will make you play it hours of hours. In Dream Defense, you play as a gun-slinging teddy bear who comes to life at night to defend his playmate Robin from creatures that attack her as she sleeps.

The game’s control also very simple. Just tap to shoot the enemy, and tap the weapon choices to switch the best weapon. Like a tower defense game, you also can build some toy barricades to defend Robin from the nightmare.

Survive the night and don’t let Robin’s nightmares come true!

Dream Defense Download: Android (Free) / iOS (Free)


Rescue Quest Gold (Boomzap Ent.-Singapore)

Do you like to play a match-3 puzzle game? Then this game maybe suits you. Rescue Quest Gold is one of the innovative match-3 puzzles combined with path finding game. In this game, you must clear a path to free a fairy that was kidnapped and trapped by an evil sorcerer.

You can make your journey easier by using some power-ups. Not only that, you can also strategize using spells that you can learn as you reach the higher levels.

Rescue Quest Gold is a remastered version of the path-based match-3 game by Boomzap with an all-new ending, improved effects, and no free-to-play elements.

Rescue Quest Gold Download: Android (US $4.99)


Almighty (Alegrium-Indonesia)

Sometimes, an idle/clicker game becomes very boring. But not for Almighty: Fantasy Clicker Game. Instead of offering some ordinary and boring idle/clicker game, this game packed that kind of gameplay with some other innovative features. One of them is branching path that you can choose, and can affect on how you play this game later.

Your goal in this game is to make as many people follow and worship you and prove yourself that you are the one and only almighty, ruler of the Realm. There are quite a few options for power ups to help you gain worshippers faster. One of them is Hold Finger that can give you many worshippers with just hold your finger a few seconds in the screen.

Another good thing is, this game has a beautiful 2D art that will gives you more joy to play this game.

Almighty: Fantasy Clicker Game Download: iOS (Free)


Utopia United (LambdaMu Games-Singapore)

This game has an unique gameplay, because it tries to combines some elements. First, there is simulation/management aspect where you should manage your football team by recruiting new players, deciding their training, and building the facility.

Second, there is kind of card game aspect. Every player that you recruit has an unique ability different from each other. Every ability affects your team play when in the field. So, you should think about the combination to make your team stronger.

And the third is the dice rolling mechanic game. This kind of mechanic surely needs a little luck. But if you can make a great player’s combination in your team, you can easily defeat your opponent in the field.

Utopia United: A Dice Soccer Story Download: Android (Coming Soon) / iOS (Free)

What’s your favourite? Share your thought in the comment section!

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