Here are Some Tips on How to Maximize a Game Event to Accelerate Your Business

By Febrianto Nur Anwari

For developers and publishers, here are some tips from The SEA Summit on how to optimize your attendance in game events or conventions

As a game developer or publisher, surely we want to make our game gain more exposure. Marketing and press release are surely a must. But one thing that we should not forget is to attend some game event or convention, both local and international.

Nowadays, there are many game conventions or events in the world. If you aim to attend a Business to Consumer event, there are BEKRAF Game Prime (Indonesia), GameStart (Singapore), Taipei Game Show (Taiwan), G-Star (South Korea), Chinajoy (China), and Tokyo Game Show (Japan) in Asia.

Or if you aim to search another partner for collaboration, event Business to Business (B2B) is your target. There are some events in Asia like The SEA Summit (Singapore), Level Up (Malaysia) and Casual Connect (Singapore) that you can attend.

But, as a game developer or publisher, how we can maximise a game event for our business? In one panel in The SEA Summit 2017,  Justin Ng (Managing Director from Gattai Games), Langer Lee (Global Business Director, Business Development Group, from XFLAG), and Brian Kwek (Founder from Ysbryd Games) shared their insights about that.

From that session, here are some tips on how to maximise a game event or convention, from the eye of developers or publishers.

Choose Your Event Carefully

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Take a look a year of game industry calendar, and mark down all of the gaming events in that year. Then, try to search more information about the past year event’s portfolio. You can check this following checklist before choosing the right event for you.

  • Does it fit with your target market, specifically for B2C event?
  • Was it attended by a lot of your potential partners?
  • Is it part of your marketing channel?
  • Will it help you a lot for your game exposure?

If you answer the above questions with yeses while looking at one event, so this is the time to attend it. Don’t waste your money to attend an event that doesn’t give you many advantages.

Set Your Goals

After finding the right event, now you should set your main goals. What will it be? There are some goals that you can consider while attending that kind of event.

For B2B Event

game event and convention

B2B event is usually a kind of exclusive and invitational only event. There will be some potential partners that you can approach for the future collaboration. So, it will be great if you have a goal to meet more person and build a relationship with them. It will be a great investment for your future.

And then, you can set your goals depending on the scale of the event. For example, if you attend an event in Indonesia, one thing that you should do is to meet and get in touch with the local game publishers. It will help you a lot if someday you want to market your game in that country or region.

If you search a fresh and new talent, a B2B event is also a good place to do that, especially for the publishers. Maybe in that event, they can meet a new game developer or studio with new and fresh ideas that meet their expectation.

For B2C Event

game event and convention

Think about this: you should use the B2C event as a place to gain more exposure for your game and multiply your players. Especially for game developers that make a premium game, this is a great place to meet the players and get more feedback from them if your game’s still in the development. Having a booth in B2C event helps a lot rather than only attending it.

And also don’t forget the press. The media exposure will help you a lot for branding and getting more players.

What Should You Prepare Before the Event?

game event and convention

Depending on the event that you will attend, there are some preparations that you should do.

  • Mark the calendar of the event, and plan early for the flight and accommodations. It will help you minimize the budget and you have more time to plan other things for that event.
  • For the B2B event, you should understand who will you meet at the event and why you want to meet them. It will help you to arrange an efficient meeting, so you can meet more potential partners as much as possible on a tight schedule of that event.
  • Come 2 days earlier. It will help you much to keep you rest well and prepare your body for a day-long exhibition.
  • If you have a booth (and you should if it is possible!), decorate your booth yourself. It will save more money than using an external vendor, especially if you are attending an international event.

What Should You Do in the Event?

game event and convention

  • Travel light and use a comfortable suit, especially while you attend a B2C event. You will be at your booth and be showcasing your game all day long, so make sure you feel comfortable. And also, travel light will give you more space to bring another equipment for the exhibition.
  • Make a special event for the media. You can do it simply by giving them a special time to play your game without queueing. Or you can do a simple press conference to introduce your new game to them.
  • Invite influencers to play your game. It will help you a lot to gain more crowd.
  • Prepare digital press kit for media. And if it is possible, provide some review code or early access to your game.
  • Stick to the plan and metric that you have planned before.

What Should You Do After the Event?

game event and convention

If you attend a B2B event, think about what should you do after getting a stack of name cards after that event. Spend some time to shortlist that name cards first. Second, remember how and what conversation that you had with him, and write down in your own notes. And finally, follow up the potentials with a follow-up email and don’t forget to explain how you met him, what kind of conversation that you had and why you send that email.

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If you attend a B2C event, especially if you have a booth, write down the email of people who have played your game. Send thank you email after the event ended and don’t forget to give updates regularly along the development and when your game is going to be released.

If you have any suggestions or want to share your knowledge, share it in the comment section!

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