Developers Mostly Turn to Video Ads and IAP to Make Money According to Survey

By Arya Wibowo

This survey was responded by 20 mobile gaming publishers in Asia Pacific with average 3 mil MAU, about the effectiveness of various monetization methods.

Published by AdColony, this survey was responded by 20 mobile gaming publishers in Asia Pacific, talking about the effectiveness of various monetization methods.

With more than 100 questions about monetization and User Experience (UX), this survey was taken by 20 publishers around Asia Pacific who have at average 3 million MAU (monthly active users) on average. Furthermore, 82 percent of these publishers only publish games, not apps or anything else.

From this survey, it turns out that publishers like to turn to Ads and IAP to monetize the most. In fact, 80 percent of them use both video and display ads to monetize their apps.

As the chart says, the top three of monetization methods are video ads, in-app purchase (IAP), and display ads. If you are a mobile gamer, then you most probably familiar with those methods. Interestingly, paid installs still lurking in the fourth place, with almost half of publishers still relying on it.

But how does it compete against free to play monetization methods in terms of revenue? Well, from this survey it actually doesn’t come up good. It only generates 2 percent of total publishers revenue.

Meanwhile, ads are accounted for 55 percent of publishers’ revenue, with video ads being the champion. IAP comes second with 39 percent.

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For big publishers who have the average of 21-50 employees, they actually have a relatively small monetization team. 74 percent only have 1-3 people in their monetization team.

It isn’t known how much revenue these companies with small monetization team is. But from it, we can conclude that it is very important to have a monetization team even if it’s small.

Happy customers means happy business. It is also true in-game monetization. Ads with best user experience actually bring more revenue to publishers’ coffer.

Rewarded video ads really stand out in this Best User Experience chart with 87 percent in user experience rating. While on the revenue chart, it also stands in number one position among other ad-based monetization.

In terms of effectiveness, it is not surprising that rewarded video, IAP, and interstitial video are regarded the best.

Rewarded video ads got 75 percent of publishers votes, while IAP stands in second place with 63 percent.

video ads

So from those survey data, we can conclude that rewarded video ads are on top right now, with IAP still one of the main revenue drivers for publishers. Display ads and interstitial video are still gaining much revenue for publishers, while paid downloads seem to have a minimal impact on revenue.

This survey is taken by AdColony, a mobile-ads platform company. The full survey results can be found here.

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